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Ten Books and Then Ten More

The ten book challenge has been going around Facebook.  I already gave my ten books answer there, but a quick little list didn’t seem to do those books justice. If you’ve missed it, the idea is to write down the titles of ten books that have stayed with you in some way. They don’t necessarily have to be the ten best books you’ve ever read, or your ten favorite books. You’re supposed to list ten that come to mind quickly.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the lists that have been generated as a result of this challenge, and I’m taking note of titles that keep popping up. My original list (done quickly, as the challenge requested) is as follows:

blog-catcher1. The Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger

I wrote my first huge term paper on this book, and spent a lot of time thinking about Holden Caulfied and his life.

51WbBVkQIvL._AA160_2. My Brother Sam is Dead, James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

I read this book in the sixth grade, and it was the first book that I literally couldn’t put down. I read until the middle of the night to finish it.

notebook3. The Notebook (not the movie!!!) , Nicholas Sparks

I sat down on the couch one rainy Saturday afternoon and cried my eyes out.

51awk-hn9WL._AA160_4. Little Women, Lousia May Alcott

I read this at summer camp when I was about 12 during the daily enforced 30 minute silent “rest” time after lunch.

51XU9RLFpqL._AA160_5. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, Jan-Phillipp Sendker

This is possibly the most beautifully written and haunting book I’ve read.

41qsZrtLIDL._AA160_6. The Time Traveler’s Wife , Audrey Niffenegger

The time travel and the fully dimensional characters have intrigued and stayed with me.

41bOj-am1RL._AA160_7. The Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins

I was right there with Katniss every step of the way. A glorious, exhilarating read.

51gqwQetEVL._AA160_8. The Little House on the Prairie series, Laura Ingalls Wilder

My second grade teacher read us the first book, and I was hooked. I saved my money and bought the whole series, which still has a place of honor on my bookshelf.

51lIcxDk-iL._AA160_9. My Side of the Mountain, Jean Craighead George

I read this one in fifth grade and was completely taken into Sam’s world. The setting description is phenomenal.

41CPynRRVxL._AA160_10. The Deep End of the Ocean, Jacquelyn Mitchard

A mystery, a family story, and an all around wonderful book. A book that makes you question what you would do.


As I’ve read other lists, I keep thinking about more books that have stayed with me, and I’d like to add an additional ten. I hope you’ll indulge me.


517geWVdGHL._AA160_11. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, John Boyne

A Holocaust story that is incredibly personal and different from so many others. Impossible not to be moved.


61O0HDgMA6L._AA160_12. My Orange Duffel Bag, Sam Bracken

A memoir of struggle and triumph done is a graphic, almost scrapbook style.


41fCMKw8UjL._AA160_13.  The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein

So many lessons in this one, and a beautiful dog too.


51zY7Dut3-L._AA160_14. People of the Book, Geraldine Brooks

This is a huge story, done so carefully and beautifully as it takes you though history to a modern mystery. Stunning writing.


51YuPuZ0efL._AA160_15. Chains, Laurie Halse Anderson

Slavery in New York City at the dawn of the American Revolution. Laurie Halse Anderson is an incredible writer, and her historical fiction, in particular, is genius.


51NZp-TJSwL._AA160_16. Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire, Rafe Esquith

An inspiring book about doing much with little for kids who have almost nothing.


51GeYQZ1LFL._AA160_17. The Accidental Tourist, Anne Tyler

A quirky love story with characters who you feel like you know.


51PoQ8xw5IL._AA160_18. Saving Dinner, Leanne Ely

Ok, I don’t know if cookbooks count, but this one has so many great recipes in it, I had to include it. It’s my go-to cookbook.


A1tUz9sGIiL19. The Official Preppy Handbook, Lisa Birnbach

Sure, it’s silly. But what a terrific little book, full of humor and wit and prep lore and wisdom.


41D9P3BZSWL._AA160_20. The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom

Lessons to learn in a beautifully written story. Stunning.


Please share your list with me in the comments. Writers are readers, after all, so let’s share the book love.


What the Tweet is Going On?

imagesI’ve discovered Twitter. Rediscovered it, actually. I signed up years ago during a workshop, but never used it. I went back to it two weeks ago when I went to a writing conference. I kind of like it, but like most things that are new to me, I don’t really fully grasp it. Oh sure, I know how to tweet, and how to follow people, and I have some vague notion of what the hashtags are for, but in terms of how the whole thing really WORKS… well, that’s still pretty much a mystery for me.

I’ve decided to learn about it, though, instead of just accepting that I “kind of” get it. I downloaded a little Twitter e-book on the advice of a fellow writer I met at the conference, and I’m uncovering more of the potential power of those 140 character bursts of information. It’s truly amazing what a little tweeting can do.

It’s also a little strange what some people choose to tweet about. There are those who tweet about everything, from the fiber content of their lunch to the viscosity of their mucus. Ok, I made that one up. I haven’t actually seen that tweet. Yet. But maybe if I search #mucus it might show up.

Meanwhile, I’d love to see what you’re tweeting about and hear about how you use Twitter. I’d love to have you along for my ride, and see what your Twitter world is about, too. Come check me out @HeidiWeinmann. Oh, and for the truly curious, there’s a real picture there of the real me (at least as of this writing). Talk about a teaser, right? See you in the tweets.