Not bad for a fat girl

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Thank You, Whoever You Are

I’m glad you found me, stranger. Well, I assume you’re a stranger, or maybe you’re an old friend. Whoever you are, you’ve been reading what I’ve written, or at least looking at it, and for that I thank you.

I’ve been sort of quiet lately, but tonight I got a buzz on my phone that said, “Your stats are booming.” Music to a blogger’s ears, even a lazy blogger like me. Maybe especially to a lazy blogger like me.

detective-447232-1.jpgIt’s nice to know that this little corner of cyberspace isn’t collecting cobwebs when I don’t come around as often as I should. You’re visiting, and that is wonderful. I hope you’ve found something you enjoy here, or at least something to think about.

Thank you for poking around and looking into the corners to see what’s been laying dormant. There’s plenty to see and do here, if one has the time and patience to hunt around to find it.

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I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

This morning my sweetheart asked me what kind of pasta we served with a particular dish. It’s been a long time since he’s made it, and this weekend he’s going to work his culinary magic. I couldn’t remember, but I thought I might have posted a picture on the blog. Back I went, scrolling through six years of posts until I found what I was looking for, back in the summer of 2013.

It turned out to be a different recipe and there’s no pasta in the photo, but it did give me a glance back at some of my blog posts along the way. I’m sorry to say I’m still fat, but other than that there have been plenty of changes along the way.

The constants in my life have been my family and friends. With these people around me life is good. I’m grateful to have the best people in my life. I’m also grateful to have this blog. This forum allows me to share my thoughts and connect with people worldwide. The kindness I’ve experienced from complete strangers has been both surprising and heartening.

I’m hopeful that the creativity bug will bite again soon, and I will have many more posts to share.