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L’shanah Tova! – Throwback Thursday (yes, again)

Today’s throwback goes back centuries. It is Rosh Hashanah, commonly called the Jewish New Year. It is a holy day, and one that calls for reflection. I’m in favor of that practice, as well as the practice of eating crisp fall apples dipped in sweet delicious honey. Enjoy one of my favorite holiday videos ever, and may you have a blessed year with your loved ones.


Home Again and Happy 2017

I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to once again travel with my mother and son this holiday season. We had a terrific time sight-seeing and relaxing and soon I’ll tell you more about it, but for right now I just want to wish you all a wonderful 2017.



Welcome to 2016 and Back to Reality

champagne2Another new year. Another holiday season draws to a close. Another time for reflection and another call to action. At least that’s how it usually feels with a brand new year. This year, however, I’m not sure I’m quite feeling it.

At least the call to action, part.

You see, I was doing so well, but then the holidays hit and I learned that I’m losing my nutritionist. I’m sad about that. It reminds me of the time I was doing so well on Jenny Craig (way back in my twenties) until my “consultant” left for a new job. The new person just wasn’t the same, and I lost interest.

Then there was the wonderful chiropractor I lost. Say what you will about chiropractic, but I could walk in with a pounding headache and walk out feeling like a million bucks. He was terrific, and I appreciated both his technique and his personality. I was sad the day he told me he was relocating, and I’ve never found anyone who could match his skill. I’ve given up trying.

I realize I’m being a big baby about this, but I want to keep working with her. I felt empowered and successful and after each visit with her. I felt as though I could carry on the struggle of losing weight in a safe and sane way.

I know that the changes I make in my life have to be made by ME, for ME. I get it. But it’s so nice to feel like I have someone in my corner cheering me on and believing in me.

I have to shake off my boo hoo attitude, drop my holiday mode (lobster, champagne, fudge…) and get on with it. I can do this, even if I have to do it alone.