Not bad for a fat girl


Feeling Better Already

I’m not sure if it was the two-week vacation or the plan that my health care provider and I put into place, or maybe a combination of the two, but I’m feeling so much better. My outlook has improved, my energy has increased, and in general things are looking up. Not that they were awful before; they weren’t. But wow, I really do feel better. In fact I feel more like myself.

I also feel like I’m ready to start taking care of myself again. I’ve been moving more, which actually feels pretty good. Additionally, my house is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I’m enjoying them. Moderation is the word of the day, although it’s been a bugaboo for me in the past.

I’m pretty sure there’s something messed up with the pleasure sensors in my brain. It seems that when they’re activated they completely override the the satiation function. It works like this:

me: Yum, this is delicious. I’ll just have a bit.65190869-stock-vector-fat-glutton-ginger-cat-with-empty-bowl-on-white-background-vector-illustration.jpg

also me: This is SO good. KEEP EATING.

me: Well, maybe just a little more.


me: I’m full. I need to stop eating this.

also me: Are you kidding? This is TOO GOOD. DON’T STOP.

me: I ate it all. I feel awful. Why do I do this?

also me: But it was SO GOOD.

See how that works? It’s counterproductive, to say the least. At the moment, though, it seems to be in check. I mean, who’s going to go nuts over plums?

Anyway, tomorrow it’s back to school for teachers, and the beginning of a brand new school year. It’s a perfect time for a fresh start, so here I am, ready to go.

Enjoy your summer, or what’s left of it, and imagine me and my kiddos back in school (it’s so early!!!)



My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

A while back I wrote a back-to-school blogpost that was later modified and run by Scary Mommy. Scary Mommy is a huge website full of content for moms who may sometimes feel like they’re hanging on by the skin of their teeth. I can relate.

Well, that article generated quite a buzz, and it ended up being shared several times, on several different websites internationally. It was particularly popular in Greece, for some reason. I’m not really sure why, and I wouldn’t even know whom to ask.

The reason I bring it up is that someone visited the blog recently through the Scary Mommy link. Hooray! I was able to see what they saw, and came across my author page along with the article. I was so glad, because I thought I lost that link forever.

In case you’re interested, here it is: 10 Back to School Supplies Money Can’t Buy . I know it’s the wrong time of year, but what do you think? The article generated a huge positive response, but there were a few angry comments saying I had no business telling people what to do. My intent was never to scold or come across as all knowing. I know parenting is difficult. I also know, from years of experience working with hundreds (thousands?) of kids that so often what they need most from their parents are things money can’t buy.

It was nice to see that old article again. It reminded me of my fifteen minutes in the spotlight, and it gave me hope that maybe somewhere somebody was taking my words to heart and spending a little extra time loving on their kids.

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I’m Afraid of the Honeymoon Ending

i-love-my-jobI’m talking about school again, of course. We teachers do this. We obsess over school for the first few weeks, and then we remember how boring we are to the general public, so we go kind of quiet with our obsession for several months. After the summer break, though, we forget and start right back up again. Circle of life and all that.

So yes, the honeymoon period. That can last from twelve seconds to almost an entire school year, depending on the class. This year I’m so lucky. So far it’s been an entire week. This is a new world record for me. I’ve had thirty-one children in my room each day this week, and it’s been blissful. They have been hard-working, kind, and funny.They are learning about weather and character traits and autobiographies, while they are simultaneously learning what I expect of them and how fourth grade works. They are doing a great job on all counts.love-my-students

I’m just a little scared by all of this goodness. I’m kind of waiting for the honeymoon to end and the shenanigans to begin. Still, I’m working my butt off to build a collaborative community of learners, and I’m hopeful that those efforts are paying off. Positive reinforcement is my friend, and the children are thriving. They’ve been encouraging each other and putting a lot of effort into their schoolwork. They work very hard for praise and the opportunity to take home a positive note to parents. So far, so good.

This may be the class. It may be the one for the ages. I hope so, because I’m falling a little in love with them already.