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Welcome to the Tiniest Month Challenge



February is so short it seems like it begins and ends in a flash.

What better month for a challenge, then?

So here’s my challenge to myself, and by extension to all of you:

Pick something and stick with it. Every. Day.

At least for this tiny month of February.

Some ideas that have rattled around my brain:

  • hit my Fitbit steps goal everyday
  • take time to read for pleasure
  • eat vegetables
  • mindfully give a compliment
  • write
  • avoid social media
  • stay out of Starbucks
  • call Mom

We all have things that we “should” do that we neglect. Since this is such a short month why not pick one and stick to it? It’s only 28 days, after all.

In an ideal world I would do ALL of the things on my above list everyday, but I don’t. I’m going to pick ONE and stick with it, but what to pick?

I see my ideas in roughly 3 categories: mental health, physical health, and social connectedness (which, really, is a part of staying mentally healthy I suppose). For me, physical health is the most urgent of those needs at the moment. To that end I choose the first goal: to reach my steps goal each day.

I would love to have company on my tiniest month challenge. If you’re interested please comment with your tiny month goal, and don’t worry if the month has already begun, you can start anytime you want!


Hello Fitbit

I’ve happily joined the ranks of the constantly plugged-in. I received (by my request) a Fitbit Flex 2 as a holiday gift, and I think it’s pretty nifty.simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h0107224485745d7a099c9463a0a3e71a.pack.png

Longtime readers may recall that the only exercise I’ve really found enjoyable over the years is exercise in the pool, so I was delighted when I learned that these little gadgets were safe for use in water. It’s been too cold for that now, but walking on terra firma has taken on a new bit of fun with the little blinking lights around my wrist.

Some features I like:

  • It buzzes me at ten minutes before the hour if I haven’t taken at least 250 steps. I need to get up and MOVE, and the vibration reminds me to do it.
  • It buzzes me if my phone rings or I get a text. I’m a teacher and don’t spend all day looking at my phone, so this is handy.
  • When I hit my goal number of steps for the day (which I set, thank you very much) it does this little flashing dance party on my wrist. I dig it.

I’m not ready for any big challenges yet, or anything like that, but so far so good. Like they say, one step at a time.

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The Right Tools for the Job

linky - tool turnaboutI just came from a cooking home-party, where several women got together and made a delicious meal with a dessert. The whole point of the event was to sell the various cooking tools and utensils, and for me, at least, it was a success. I know that I can get by without using the exact tool, but in many cases having the right tool for the job makes the process not only smoother, but more successful.

This lesson can be applied across the board, not just in cooking. Of course there are extreme examples, such as the carpenter who tried to hammer nails with his screwdriver, but in real-life the examples are usually more subtle.

I think about my students who often don’t have the right tools to approach a particular problem. It’s my job as their teacher to equip them, but only after their parents have done the lion’s share of the job. They need to have a certain level of curiosity as well as a healthy dose of perseverance in order to be successful. They have to be open to making mistakes and be able to collaborate with others. A dose of self-control and a willingness to listen to others are necessary tools for learning. I can help develop those tools, but some children are clearly better equipped than others.

Then I think about my personal goal of improving my health through better eating and more movement. What tools do I need there? First, I need the knowledge of how to feed myself properly. I have plenty of resources in that department, so I think I’m set there. 5350_Nike_Free_5_0_Running_Shoes_Womens_Red_White_2Then I need support and motivation. I find these waxing and waning, and I need to develop ways to keep them both high. I also need tools to get me moving. Again, motivation is a big one. Maybe a nice new pair of sneakers will help? Perhaps a Fitbit? I’ve been toying with the idea of both, but realistically I know that it has to come from within.

And what about writing? Do I have the tools there? Well, yes and no. I have the tools to be a decent blogger. I have ideas, I have this blog, and I know how to put out posts that people occasionally respond to. I can string words together into sentences, and sentences together into thoughts. Freedom from fearI have some knowledge, a few ideas, a laptop, and a platform, so yes, I have the tools.

But what about other writing challenges? Do I have what it takes for those? I’m not sure. Again, I think the biggest obstacle is motivation. I’ve got a fear of failure, or maybe a fear of success, I haven’t decided which yet. I have great support and terrific resources to develop as a writer, now I just need more time and better focus. Wouldn’t it be nice if those were available through a home-party? I’d be the first one to sign up.