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Throwback Thursday – Cars, Expanded Edition

Not my actual car, but close.

Not my actual car, but close.

Yes, I’ve talked cars before, but this post goes into a little more depth about some of the vehicles in my life. My grandmother drove a sensible blue four-door Ford sedan, complete with a big pillow to elevate her on its bench seat. My other grandmother drove a kick-ass Pontiac GT with sweet bucket seats and a hideous olive green coat of paint. They both traded their cars in for more sensible brown cars in the later year. Too bad.

My father loved Fords, until the T-Bird. He had Fords for years, up until he bought a 1973 Thunderbird for my mother, complete with a Landau roof. It was the palest green color imaginable, and it was a lemon. It seemed like that car was constantly in the shop, and not just because our dog chewed up one of the armrests when my mother ran an errand with him one day. That car was just trouble, I could tell the first time my mother closed the door on my leg. Besides, who gets a two-door when they have kids?

After my father’s love affair with Ford subsided, he became an Oldsmobile man. At one time he owned three Toronados, blue, maroon, and my favorite, dark gray. I loved that car. My dad even put vanity plates on it with my name on them.

Several Oldsmobiles later, my father moved up to Cadillac. I’m not sure if that was his idea or my mother’s, but not long after he splurged and bought a Mercedes. It was shocking. My father had ranted and railed against Mercedes for years, however, he presented one to my mother for her birthday.

Personally, I’m a Toyota girl. After three hand-me-down Oldsmobiles (including my beloved dark gray Toronado), I finally got a car that was new just for me, a Toyota Camry.

Again, not my actual car, but close enough.

Again, not my actual car, but close enough.

That was a great car. We put 206,000 miles on that car over the course of 13 years. That car visited the Atlantic and the Pacific, more than once. In its final days it could no longer provide air conditioning, a must in my desert Southwest home. I was sad to see that car go, however, its final gift was $6,000 on trade-in. That car paid for itself.

I’m on my second Camry now, and at 135,000ish miles it’s going strong. Sure, it’s from the middle of the last decade, but it’s paid for and I love it. This one hasn’t been to the Atlantic, but it’s seen the Pacific several times, and it knows the way to Vegas too. I have no plans to replace it anytime soon. True, I like some of the new features that cars have now, but this car is terrific, and until it’s time to put it out to pasture, I’ll be very content with it. It gets me and family where we need to go comfortably and safely, what more could I really need?



I Am So Not An Extrovert

introverts-unite-individually-american-apparel-unisex-fitted-tee-lemon-w760h760I like people. Really, I do. I enjoy meeting new people and talking to them, but it isn’t always the most comfortable thing for me. Still, I do it, because the world is full of really fascinating people with incredible stories. Besides, most people are actually really nice, as long as you catch them on a good day and are nice to them first.

Over the past four days I have met and held conversations with dozens of new people, first at the phenomenal writing conference I attended, then today at a Camp Fair to promote our summer writing camp. So many people. So many conversations. So much energy!

As an introvert, I need time on my own to recharge my batteries. The more time I spend in the company of others, the lower my energy reserves dip. Couple these four days with the nasty cold I’ve been fighting and the poor sleep that has resulted from said cold, and man, I’m beat.

Now I’m off to the theatre with my sweetheart, which I know I’ll enjoy, but again I’ll be surrounded by strangers. I don’t plan on speaking to any of them. Is that awful? Maybe, but I need to recharge before tomorrow, after all, tomorrow there’s school, and my students need me.


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Oh My Aching Brain

my_brain_has_a_mind_of_its_own_1558315My brain is so swollen with information and inspiration from the writing conference that it feels like it’s bulging out against my skull. Three days of craft classes, information about the business side of writing, and networking have me reeling. There is SO much I want to do! So many things I want to try. So many people I’m excited to have met. Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Before I forget, I have to send since thanks to the people who sponsored me at the conference. Someone with pull saw something in me that led those generous folks to offer me a place at the table. Receiving a scholarship to this conference has been an enormous gift and one I’m planning to pay forward in some way down the road. I’m a big believer in Karma and the notion that good begats good. Of course, the opposite applies too.

Next, I have to prioritize my writing projects. Naturally I got conflicting advice at the conference, but that’s to be expected. Still, I have to decide where to devote the majority of my writing time. Somehow, in my mind, the time I spend writing BulgingButtons doesn’t count toward that total. I don’t know if that’s “right” or “wrong” but it’s how my brain works.

I don’t see writing the blog in the same way that I see other writing, whether it’s working on a novel or writing articles to submit for publication. Yes, I count blogging as time spent writing, but I don’t feel like I’ve really written anything when I’m done. Maybe because each post is a stand alone entry. I don’t have to develop a plot or entice you to come back. Oh wait. I do have to do those things. Or at least I ought to be doing those things. Jeez, this writing thing is hard!

I think I just need to let my tender swollen brain relax a little bit, and then I can come at this again fresh. Maybe by then I’ll work out why today was The Day of the Cats, and what significance those cats hold. Until then, be well.