Not bad for a fat girl


Welcome to the Tiniest Month Challenge



February is so short it seems like it begins and ends in a flash.

What better month for a challenge, then?

So here’s my challenge to myself, and by extension to all of you:

Pick something and stick with it. Every. Day.

At least for this tiny month of February.

Some ideas that have rattled around my brain:

  • hit my Fitbit steps goal everyday
  • take time to read for pleasure
  • eat vegetables
  • mindfully give a compliment
  • write
  • avoid social media
  • stay out of Starbucks
  • call Mom

We all have things that we “should” do that we neglect. Since this is such a short month why not pick one and stick to it? It’s only 28 days, after all.

In an ideal world I would do ALL of the things on my above list everyday, but I don’t. I’m going to pick ONE and stick with it, but what to pick?

I see my ideas in roughly 3 categories: mental health, physical health, and social connectedness (which, really, is a part of staying mentally healthy I suppose). For me, physical health is the most urgent of those needs at the moment. To that end I choose the first goal: to reach my steps goal each day.

I would love to have company on my tiniest month challenge. If you’re interested please comment with your tiny month goal, and don’t worry if the month has already begun, you can start anytime you want!


Hello Fitbit

I’ve happily joined the ranks of the constantly plugged-in. I received (by my request) a Fitbit Flex 2 as a holiday gift, and I think it’s pretty nifty.simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h0107224485745d7a099c9463a0a3e71a.pack.png

Longtime readers may recall that the only exercise I’ve really found enjoyable over the years is exercise in the pool, so I was delighted when I learned that these little gadgets were safe for use in water. It’s been too cold for that now, but walking on terra firma has taken on a new bit of fun with the little blinking lights around my wrist.

Some features I like:

  • It buzzes me at ten minutes before the hour if I haven’t taken at least 250 steps. I need to get up and MOVE, and the vibration reminds me to do it.
  • It buzzes me if my phone rings or I get a text. I’m a teacher and don’t spend all day looking at my phone, so this is handy.
  • When I hit my goal number of steps for the day (which I set, thank you very much) it does this little flashing dance party on my wrist. I dig it.

I’m not ready for any big challenges yet, or anything like that, but so far so good. Like they say, one step at a time.


I’m Back

cat-in-the-hatOh goodness, I hardly know where to begin. So much has happened in the last several weeks that my mind is mushing it all together and the words aren’t forming themselves the way they’re supposed to.

Instead of a long rambling post, which I don’t think I can manage right now, and which I KNOW you don’t want to read, how about a table of contents of sorts. Here’s what’s been on my mind recently, some or all of which may find its way into blog posts over the next several days.

  1. Airline travel revisited
  2. Turning 50
  3. Being first in line (out of 10,000 or so)
  4. No extra frosting for me
  5. Except on my sweetheart’s caramel cake
  6. A San Antonio Wedding
  7. Writing Around New Orleans
  8. Fiction, non-fiction, or poetry? Or do I have to choose?
  9. Pokemon Go!
  10. My trip to the Emergency room, Ovarian cysts, and the questions I now have
  11. Back to School, or the party’s over
  12. Expanding the Mind, and increasing the value of learning for its own sake

See, there’s a lot rattling around up there. Oh, and the house is a mess and I’ve actually been cooking real food recently and the boy is going to move into the dorms in a frighteningly short amount of time, and he has to take his driver’s test still. OH. MY. GAWD.

It’s just all too much right now. Too much to juggle. Too much to handle. Too much to process. No wonder I just want to run around (run away) chasing imaginary critters with my phone. But this too shall pass, so I’m going to breathe, go take a shower, and eat some lunch. Yeah, it’s almost 2:30 pm, I make no apologies.