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Taking November Off

writers-need-a-break-too.jpgThis year I’ve decided not to attempt NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo, the writing challenges that I’ve enjoyed in the past. This year is just far too hectic for me to even think about doing a challenge like either of those. A novel this month? Nope. A blog post each day? Uh uh.

I consider it a good day if I make it to work on time with my lunch in hand and matching shoes on my feet. I’m taking a class, attempting to participate in my writing group, and traveling out of town twice this month. I’ve also agreed to be an advance reader for a friend and prepare a review of the novel for its launch date. In November. Of course. It’s enough.

I do miss the daily routine of blogging before heading off to work, or making sure I get it done before the clock strikes midnight. I miss the links to other fascinating blogs and “meeting” bloggers with huge hearts and imaginations. I even miss the increased blog traffic it generates (I’m not gonna lie people, I like it when the numbers go up). I don’t miss the stress, though. There’s definitely a little pressure there, albeit self-inflicted. At the end, though, I’m always glad I’ve done it. I’ll miss that feeling of satisfaction this year.

Overall, I’m glad I didn’t commit to one more thing. I’ll be out of town, doing classwork, preparing Thanksgiving dinner with my sweetheart, and working. I’m thankful I chose not to stress myself out even more. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.

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10,380 Words

That’s how far behind I am in NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – is kicking my butt this year. No, that’s not true. I’m kicking my own butt this year.

I was doing great, hitting my word targets until day 13, but then, on day 14 I didn’t. I haven’t gotten back up to the target number since, falling further and further behind.

What I haven’t done, though, is give up. Every single day I’ve written SOMETHING, and every single day I’ve updated my word count. It may be going up a little more slowly than I’d like, but I’m happy with the knowledge that: 1. it’s still going up, and 2. it’s going up at a rate that is far faster than if I weren’t doing NaNoWriMo.

I have a long weekend coming up. I’m hopeful that somehow I’ll be able to crank out several thousand words, and maybe, if I’m lucky, catch up.

Whether I do or not, I’m still pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far. I’m nearly 30,000 words into a new Young Adult murder mystery set in both the present and old time New Orleans. It’s a far different story than I set out to write, but it’s the story that must be written.

Now, off to my day job, then onward toward victory!

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Found on an Old Flash Drive (2012)

It used to be easy

Sitting down at the keyboard and just letting the words come

Often I wouldn’t know what I was writing about until the words took some form

Some shape of their own

Their own direction

I could let them spill out of my fingertips into my computer

and they would appear

before my eyes

Did I write this?

Are these really my thoughts?

Do I believe all of these ideas? These sentiments?

Yes, I suppose I do.

They don’t come from my head

They come from my heart

Or my soul

My spirit

Or maybe just from my fingertips

Do my fingertips have something to say?

Some deep message that they need me to hear?

Maybe they wish to be my guide

Maybe they are in revolt

Thinking that the brain and the heart and the soul have all had their turns

at guiding me

Have all had their turns

at leading me astray

So why not their turn?

Why not let them try?

See what they say

See if they make any more or less sense than the other parts of me

who have all had a go at helping me to make decisions in my life

So here I sit

Prisoner to the thoughts and ideas

That simply flow through my fingers

Not in charge of anything

Just going along for the ride

and waiting to see

what those knowing hands

have to teach me