Not bad for a fat girl


Six Years of Blogging

WordPress is kind enough to keep track of these blogging milestones for me, and I appreciate it.

Six years ago I started this little blog with the idea of losing weight and getting healthy. Sadly that particular goal has continued to elude me. I have, though, written a whole lot since I started this thing.

I’ve been to writing conferences and blogging conferences. I’ve participated in two incredible writing marathons. I’ve become an active participant in a writing group. I’ve had work published online and in print. I’ve even “won” NaNoWriMo.

I’m pretty sure most of that would not have happened if I hadn’t decided to play around with this blogging thing. I’m glad I did. The people who have visited the site and left their thoughts and experiences have been so supportive. The kindness of the internet and family has been surprisingly powerful. I’m grateful to have a platform for my musings, and I appreciate everyone takes the time to read my words.

Thank you for six years of allowing me to express myself in this way.


Taking November Off

writers-need-a-break-too.jpgThis year I’ve decided not to attempt NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo, the writing challenges that I’ve enjoyed in the past. This year is just far too hectic for me to even think about doing a challenge like either of those. A novel this month? Nope. A blog post each day? Uh uh.

I consider it a good day if I make it to work on time with my lunch in hand and matching shoes on my feet. I’m taking a class, attempting to participate in my writing group, and traveling out of town twice this month. I’ve also agreed to be an advance reader for a friend and prepare a review of the novel for its launch date. In November. Of course. It’s enough.

I do miss the daily routine of blogging before heading off to work, or making sure I get it done before the clock strikes midnight. I miss the links to other fascinating blogs and “meeting” bloggers with huge hearts and imaginations. I even miss the increased blog traffic it generates (I’m not gonna lie people, I like it when the numbers go up). I don’t miss the stress, though. There’s definitely a little pressure there, albeit self-inflicted. At the end, though, I’m always glad I’ve done it. I’ll miss that feeling of satisfaction this year.

Overall, I’m glad I didn’t commit to one more thing. I’ll be out of town, doing classwork, preparing Thanksgiving dinner with my sweetheart, and working. I’m thankful I chose not to stress myself out even more. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.

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10,380 Words

That’s how far behind I am in NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – is kicking my butt this year. No, that’s not true. I’m kicking my own butt this year.

I was doing great, hitting my word targets until day 13, but then, on day 14 I didn’t. I haven’t gotten back up to the target number since, falling further and further behind.

What I haven’t done, though, is give up. Every single day I’ve written SOMETHING, and every single day I’ve updated my word count. It may be going up a little more slowly than I’d like, but I’m happy with the knowledge that: 1. it’s still going up, and 2. it’s going up at a rate that is far faster than if I weren’t doing NaNoWriMo.

I have a long weekend coming up. I’m hopeful that somehow I’ll be able to crank out several thousand words, and maybe, if I’m lucky, catch up.

Whether I do or not, I’m still pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far. I’m nearly 30,000 words into a new Young Adult murder mystery set in both the present and old time New Orleans. It’s a far different story than I set out to write, but it’s the story that must be written.

Now, off to my day job, then onward toward victory!