Not bad for a fat girl


Geeking Out About My Challenge

In all fairness, I have to say that organization is not exactly one of my strong points. I understand it and crave it, but don’t always achieve it. I think it’s because I have a few little packrat tendencies. NOT hoarding, mind you, just sometimes I find it hard to part with things that are useful even if they don’t get used all the time. That being said, I do like to be organized. It makes life easier and more pleasant, but it just looks better, don’t you think? DSC00105 That’s why decluttering is one of the items on my 47 for 47 Challenge list.

As Marla Cilley, the Flylady says, “you can’t organize clutter.” She also talks about “CHAOS- Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.” It’s good stuff if you’re looking to clean up and organize. A few days ago I decided that I needed a spot to keep track of my progress on the 47 for 47, so I geeked out a little and developed this Excel spreadsheet. Of course it doesn’t have 47 items on it, but it does give me a place to track the items that I’m trying to incorporated into my life more regularly, and a place to add additional information, so at the end of the year I can look back over it and remember where I’ve come from and how much progress I’ve made. So far, I like it. So far, I have a serious lack of fruits and veggies. Hmmmm.DSC00106

In additional geeky news, I purchased a thread rack the other day and organized my spools. Yes, I know this is seriously nerdy, but I love it. I love seeing all the beautiful colors arranged in front of me, beckoning me to sew. It’s the little things that make this girl happy, and this colorful, organized thread rack does just that.

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*Hello Treadmill, You Heartless Taskmaster

treadmill-3101Well hello treadmill, how have you been? I know it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by, but here I am, so let’s dispense with the pleasantries and get on with it. Since I’ve last seen you I’ve had some rather uncomfortable surgery. I’ve been recovering for a while, and I’m ready to do a little exercise now, but don’t expect too much of me. Still, I feel better than I have, and I’m tired of wearing the same few things that aren’t excruciatingly tight on me, so it’s time we got reacquainted.

Funny thing is, when I had the surgery I kind of expected that my body would change, but not in the way that it has. It seems that all of the bulk has shifted down and now it’s impossible for me to wear most of my pants. Ugh. And my shirts aren’t nearly long enough to hide the hideousness underneath. It’s exasperating, so it’s time to get off my considerable butt and start doing something about it. I hate hauling all this weight around. It’s uncomfortable, unattractive, and generally a nuisance. The health issues are a factor too, of course, but nobody wants to hear all of that medical mumbo jumbo, least of all me.

Alright, so now I’m here, hair in a ponytail, t-shirt and shorts donned, neon green socks tucked into running shoes. The tiny room is way too hot to be comfortable, but I can’t move you, so I have to make the best of it. The ceiling fan is circling, a water bottle is propped up on you sweating like mad, and my newly downloaded training ap is ready to coach me. My son is in the room too, playing video games on a heat generating tv, and creating his own heat too.

sweat2Deep breath, and here we go. Start with a five minute warm up, says the ap. Ok, I’m walking, I’m walking. Do I really want to do this? Yes, I suppose I do. Oh no, now the ap says jog. I crank you up a few notches and make my feet move faster. When was the last time I jogged? I have no idea. Phew, now back to walk. This pattern continues for a while. Water bottle number one is drained and son has replaced it. At my panted request, a second fan has been maneuvered into place and pressed into service.  Still I carry on. You keep me going, faster, slower, faster, slower. At last, my little digital trainer tells me that it’s time to cool down. I push your buttons and you happily comply, easing me into a slower pace. But cool I am not. I am quite warm so I drink from my second water bottle and enjoy the breeze directed at my backside.

I thought it would be miserable. I thought I would hate it. It wasn’t, and I didn’t. It felt satisfying and productive. I know it was only the first one, the first little workout with my new training ap, but I’m hopeful that there will be many more. You will be seeing a lot more of me, treadmill.  We both deserve it.

*This piece was written several weeks and visits to the treadmill ago. FYI, that ap still kicks my butt but the treadmill and I are becoming friendlier to one another.


Oh No! I’ve Been Doing This All Wrong.

OH-NO-300x300Apparently people who read blogs only want to read tiny bits of information at a time. I’m not a tiny bit of information kind of writer, so I’m going to have to work on that.

Also, apparently, having big chunks of text is intimidating. Or maybe it’s just that it seems a little too time consuming. I’m going to work on that too.

Little chunks. Little information. You know, I’m not really sure I can do that. Once I get going, I usually feel as though I have something to say, so I like to keep writing until I’ve said it. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so.

I read blogs. I’ve been reading more and more of them lately, and I’m more put off by a blog that only offers a sentence or two than one that appears long and, dare I say it, dense. I will do my best to break up my thoughts into more manageable bite sized pieces (of course a food analogy) if you will do your best to read along and share your thoughts on anything that strikes a chord with you. Love it or hate it, I don’t care, but I do care if what I have to say makes you think about something. Anything.

Random Thoughts of My Own

  • Does anyone read this blog?
  • Why did I have to take the dog to the dog park on the day that the “good” park was closed?
  • Did she like the “so so” park just as much?
  • Is the lettuce in the fridge still delicious?
  • Would m & m’s be more delicious? Silly question, of course they would, but I don’t have any.
  • At what point should I venture out to the grocery store?
  • Why am I rambling?

Progress Update

My 47 for 47 challenge is still going strong. I’ve been taking my meds, cutting back on my soda, and actually enjoying (well, sort of) exercise. I’ve been cooking and sewing and reading and writing and generally doing pretty darn well. I’ve also been off of work, so pretty soon all of this progress is going to get a little more difficult to maintain. Hopefully some of these items will be second nature by the time that happens. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me!