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Checking Items Off the List

My house is coming together. In a matter of days it will be listed, and anyone anywhere will be able to pull it up and view it. It will be available for inspection, either via internet or in person. It will be exposed, wide open to the prying eyes of anyone who wishes to look. That’s a very unsettling feeling.

I’m trying to look at my home with a critical eye to make it as appealing as possible to a buyer. I’ve put away almost all personal items and have been cleaning and decluttering like crazy. Well, maybe not like crazy yet, but a little. There’s plenty more to do.

My sweetheart has been working hard too. Last night his project was caulking the master bathroom. The old caulk was gross and had to go. He spent a long time at it, and the difference is amazing. It looks like a brand new bathroom.

There are about ten more of these little projects to cross off the list. They are small things that may not stand out on their own, but when taken together give off an overall impression. The impression I want to give is clean and in good condition. That means no burned out lightbulbs, no dirty window tracks, and no scuffed up baseboards.

pig-pen-lrgIt’s like that with our bodies, isn’t it? We keep our hair neat, our fingernails manicured, and our clothing clean. It doesn’t change who we are, but it changes the overall impression we give. Are we put together or are we falling apart? Those small, cosmetic changes have everything to do with how others perceive us, and in fact they influence how we are valued. This may not be fair, but it’s true. Given the choice of two similar homes, one cluttered and dirty, the other tidy and neat, most buyers will opt for the tidy home. Now think about people. Two people with similar backgrounds, similar experiences, similar levels of intelligence, education, talent, and so on going for the same job or same spouse will often be treated differently. The more attractive, more put together person will almost always prevail. Maybe it’s unfair, but it’s life.

As I check items off the list for the house, I’m reminded to check items off the list for myself too. All those small changes add up, and they aren’t just adding to my perceived value. The changes I make to my well being are adding a sense of accomplishment to my life. That’s worth working for.