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Did You Black Friday?

I’m not a great shopper. Oh, I have my moments. Sometimes I’m on a roll and I get whatever I came for and conquer. Other times I’m not sure what I want, but I get lucky and find just the right items. Overall, though, I’m not much of a shopper.

I don’t love the mall. There, I said it.images.jpeg

It overwhelms me. It’s too big, it’s too hard to park, there are too many people there, and there’s far too much merchandise. I’m not a fan of going into store after store after store. I like going into one store for whatever I want, then leaving. This business of shopping at sixteen stores for one item is for the birds. Isn’t that why we have internet? So we can do this from the comfort of our own homes?

Speaking of internet, it makes shopping so much easier, don’t you think? Of course there’s the issue of returning things that are incorrect or damaged or don’t fit, but that’s no big deal, right? Oh, and you have to worry about someone stealing your stuff off your porch, but then you just rent a box at your post office or UPS store, right? And yes, there’s time and money spent on that too.

So, yeah, shopping. I could do without it, but then I wouldn’t have gifts for my sweethearts and I wouldn’t have cute clothes to wear and I wouldn’t have some things I really actually need (you know, like medications and toilet paper and lightbulbs). So yes, I can do it, but I prefer not to shop under pressure.

What about you? Are you a Black Friday shopper? Did you score any big deals? Convince me!





My Fascination With the Dollar Store

I have a weird kind of love/hate relationship with the dollar store. Ask me on any given day my opinion of these institutions and my response could be anything from cheerful enthusiasm to snide derision. I guess it all depends on my mood and what I’m currently in the market for.

debb5a3976c45208fada843a04f27c7dThe dollar store isn’t an entirely new concept, although I do recall being totally blown away by the idea the first time I stepped into one, decades ago. I remember being awed by the fact that every singe item in  the entire store cost exactly one dollar. I came away with a badminton set that day.

Now, the dollar store is my go-to for storage items for the classroom, cheap holiday decorations (my car looked properly spooky for Halloween Trunk-or-Treat), and random stuff that my son wants (a measuring cup, for example). I also get my cheaters there (reading glasses, for the uninitiated), and for a dollar, they’re pretty great. I can see, and they have tons of cute designs. And as a bonus, I don’t get too upset if I break them.

Now the downside to the dollar store. Well, frankly a lot of dollar stores are a complete mess. The merchandise may be in a jumble, and there may be thick layers of dust on the shelves. Items purchased there have to be debated carefully. Do I really want to take my chances with this dollar store shampoo, or should I pay a few cents more for the brand I know? And these pickled meats, are they really still good? I think I’ll pass. Also, sometimes you run into some unsavory characters at the dollar store, but it comes with the territory.

Overall, the dollar store is a great deal. Where else can you pick up a carload full of good stuff for next to nothing



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The Dangers of Procrastination and Amazon One Click

I am now the proud new owner of several novels that I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to read. It’s all one click’s fault. Well, no, maybe it isn’t. It’s all Twitter’s fault. Nope. Not it either. Oh my gosh, it’s all my own fault.

You see, I was happily working on my latest novel for NaNoWriMo when I felt the need to look at my phone. I know. I shouldn’t have done it, however, I did.

twitterThere, by the little Twitter bird was a red circle, meaning that I just HAD to click on it to see what was new in the Twit-o-sphere. Well, reading Twitter is like eating potato chips. You can’t read just one tweet, you have to scroll down and read 47 of them, at least. And in that 47, if you’re actually following people who are of interest to you, there are several clicks that take you other places. Places like novelists’ websites, where they gush about other novelists’ new books, and tell you things like, “hey, read this book, it’s on sale for just $1.99 and it’s fabulous!”

Well, how can I NOT read this fabulous book endorsed by this fabulous author when it’s only $1.99? I do read a lot on Overdrive, which makes MOST of my reading free, but I also can’t resist a deal, and authors still get something when I buy a $1.99 book, so there’s that.images

Well, one click leads to another click which then leads to another click, and before you know it I have several new books downloaded. Swell.

Now I’m not unhappy about this. I didn’t spend a ton of money, and as I said, I’m not opposed to authors earning a little something from their writing, not at all. I’m just saying that those evil geniuses over at Amazon know what they’re doing. Sigh. I just hope that someday they’ll be doing the same thing for me and my books.