Not bad for a fat girl

Going Global!


Ok, I confess, I’m getting slightly obsessive about this blogging thing. I find it really relaxing and a fantastic way to sort out what I’m thinking about in a semi-productive way. It’s great writing practice, excellent free “therapy,” and a way to connect with people who share my interests and opinions (or don’t, and that’s interesting too). The thing is, I’m starting to get an itch for world domination.world-map-urban-watercolor-michael-tompsett

Maybe that didn’t come out quite right. Domination is such a strong word. But really, I want my blog read in every continent on earth. I realize that I don’t have much of a chance in Antarctica, but the populated continents are fair game. So far I’m in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia (Kiwi’s, how do I include you? What continent are you on? Is there an updated term for the Australian continent? I’m so lost on this point.).

C’mon Africa and South America, help a blogger out! Just stop by. You don’t even have to like anything you read, or follow the blog, or comment. I would dearly love it if you would (that goes for everyone, not just Africans and South Americans), but it isn’t necessary. Just give me a chance at international glory, is that too much to ask?



Author: BulgingButtons

I'm a middle aged woman doing the things that middle aged women do and trying not to beat myself up. I'm living the life I choose with the man I love, the grown up son who impresses me all the time, and the most adorable pup ever rescued from the euthanasia list. We live in the heat of the Southwest, where I regularly sweat through my Lane Bryant bras.

3 thoughts on “Going Global!

  1. I know what you mean! I find myself feverishly checking my stats to see if I have any new readers, new comments, new likes. Isn’t this FUN? And you’re right, it is free therapy. I’ve been wrestling with a decision for months and after writing about it, I know what I want to do. Hooray!

  2. I was so excited to see a couple of new countries represented until my sweetheart informed me that said countries are hotbeds for hackers. I prefer to think they are just likeminded fat girls/guys or sympathizers living in the far reaches of the planet!

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