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Daily Prompt: Fright Night Take Two


Everything scares me. The television show Fear Factor was beyond my ability to comprehend. I would have been too afraid to do any of the things that those contestants did for the opportunity to win a monetary prize. I cannot imagine the drive for money being greater than the drive for self preservation.dn17697-1_300

Scary movies send me running for cover, and it’s been years since I’ve read a frightening book. I dislike being afraid. I feel my heart rate increase, my stress level rise, and an inability to think clearly overwhelms me. And people do this for fun? No thank you. In fact, the issue of fear is one that I prefer to avoid all together.

Of all the fears I have, I think the biggest one is that something bad would happen to my son. I am a parent. It’s my responsibility to be afraid for him. Money wouldn’t make me face my fears, but love for my child is a different story. Who knows how any of us will behave in a given situation? People say they know, but I’m not one of those people. I believe that my love for my child would cause me to rise above my fears, but I can’t be certain. Since I can’t be sure, I have to do everything in my power to make sure he is far from danger. Impossible? Yes, but in my opinion a worthy pursuit.

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

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I'm a middle aged woman doing the things that middle aged women do and trying not to beat myself up. I'm living the life I choose with the man I love, the grown up son who impresses me all the time, and the most adorable pup ever rescued from the euthanasia list. We live in the heat of the Southwest, where I regularly sweat through my Lane Bryant bras.

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