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The Things I Used to Know

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Confused-Brain-300x300I’m trying to add some nifty little images to my blog to let everyone who stops by know that I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo this month, but the brain cells that used to know how to do that seem to have disappeared. I really did know how to do all that funky cool stuff at one time, just take a look at my sidebar for proof. However, ever since the botched Twitter link (hanging my head in shame over that one) I seem to have lost my touch.

Just thinking about all the things I used to know makes me a little sad, and a little nostalgic for the time when I had a more or less fully functioning brain inside my head. I don’t know what happened, call it middle age or worse, but I have a hunch I know what’s going on inside that muddled noggin.

Here’s my theory: there is only so much space for information, and I’ve started to fill it up. It’s like a fragmented hard drive, there’s not too many big spaces left for ideas, so new thoughts get broken apart and shoved into the tiny empty areas that are left. Then the brain has to work extra hard to find the various random tidbits that I’m searching for, and sometimes it gets lost in the mess and gives up. No, of course you don’t understand what I’m talking about, but that’s okay, I didn’t expect you to. It’s my sloppy brain, so it makes sense that only I would understand the system.

Okay, am I scaring you? Don’t worry, I don’t really take any of this seriously. I do know, however, that I don’t retain information nearly as well as I used to, and I honestly do think that’s because as the years march on there’s so much more in there. I’ve said many times that if I could only “dump” lyrics to songs I don’t even like I would free up tons of brain space for more productive pursuits. As long as I know the words to virtually every top 40 song over at least a two decade span, there isn’t much hope of me  developing alternate fuel sources or stemming the latest Ebola outbreak. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the lyrics to the soundtrack from Grease, I’m your go-to girl.

Author: BulgingButtons

I'm a middle aged woman doing the things that middle aged women do and trying not to beat myself up. I'm living the life I choose with the man I love, the grown up son who impresses me all the time, and the most adorable pup ever rescued from the euthanasia list. We live in the heat of the Southwest, where I regularly sweat through my Lane Bryant bras.

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