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Taking November Off

writers-need-a-break-too.jpgThis year I’ve decided not to attempt NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo, the writing challenges that I’ve enjoyed in the past. This year is just far too hectic for me to even think about doing a challenge like either of those. A novel this month? Nope. A blog post each day? Uh uh.

I consider it a good day if I make it to work on time with my lunch in hand and matching shoes on my feet. I’m taking a class, attempting to participate in my writing group, and traveling out of town twice this month. I’ve also agreed to be an advance reader for a friend and prepare a review of the novel for its launch date. In November. Of course. It’s enough.

I do miss the daily routine of blogging before heading off to work, or making sure I get it done before the clock strikes midnight. I miss the links to other fascinating blogs and “meeting” bloggers with huge hearts and imaginations. I even miss the increased blog traffic it generates (I’m not gonna lie people, I like it when the numbers go up). I don’t miss the stress, though. There’s definitely a little pressure there, albeit self-inflicted. At the end, though, I’m always glad I’ve done it. I’ll miss that feeling of satisfaction this year.

Overall, I’m glad I didn’t commit to one more thing. I’ll be out of town, doing classwork, preparing Thanksgiving dinner with my sweetheart, and working. I’m thankful I chose not to stress myself out even more. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.


Sucking the Energy Right Out of Me


No, I don’t read Asian newspapers or drink tea in a tumbler, but this is too cute.

What is it?

The Heat?

The kids?

Getting up to an alarm clock even though my body desperately wants to sleep in?

Knowing that soon I’ll be on vacation for real?

I’m not sure exactly what it is, most likely a combination of all of the above, but for some reason when I get home in the afternoon, after teaching my young writers (for just three hours) I’m totally drained. I try to do something productive, like write, or do laundry, or even just read a book, but before long I’m nodding off. UGH.

I get to bed at a reasonable hour, so why I am so tired mid-day? And why is it only when I’m home alone and have the opportunity to actually accomplish so much?

Am I running from my responsibilities? Am I hiding from something I don’t want to face? Am I afraid to be alone, so I escape into sleep? I’m pretty sure the answers to those questions are no, no, and no. I’m just freaking tired.

My first guess is that it really is the heat. Carrying around all this extra weight in extreme temperatures is hard on a body. I do my best to stay hydrated and keep cool, but I think my body is fighting back, and what better way to conserve energy than to sleep?

On Friday my summer work comes to a close, and I have a few weeks of pure relaxation. I’m heading east, away from the hellfire of my chosen Southwest home, and I couldn’t be happier. In the meantime, I’m going to keep waiting until after dark to jump in the pool, and keep myself as cool as possible. After all, I chose this, and no matter what, it still beats snow any day of the year.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

hi_so_busyMy life these days, recent past and near future:

1. Principal’s day. He deserves a day of his own. Our principal is terrific, and one day out of the year to acknowledge it doesn’t seem like quite enough. In his honor, the kids wrote poems about him and illustrated them. Then they shared their heartfelt greetings on a giant shirt and tie shaped card that one of my fabulous colleagues whipped up. Well done! The same colleague (or a different one, they are both so incredible and do so much that I can’t keep track) even bound all the poems into a book. How cool!

2. Meet writing friend and be amazed by her creativity and her kind and honest heart. She is a breath of fresh air.

3. Go to pot luck graduation party. Mingling isn’t my strong suit, so I stayed pretty much put, but I did really enjoy the conversations I had.

4. Bake bread. For the King Arthur Service learning project, of course.

5. Work on Sunday. For five hours. Good thing I adore the women I work with.

6. Prepare for more testing. Tomorrow is the LAST one. I think. I hope. Yeah, it is.

7. Make art. With the students, of course, for the art walk, of course, which is on an evening that I have another obligation, of course.

8. Prepare something nice for the classroom volunteers, even though I forgot to invite them to the tea when everyone else got invited. Oops.18ix7mf81enazjpg

9. Prepare something nice for Mother’s Day. Oh yay. Macaroni necklace, anyone?

10. Do something fabulous for our wonderful front office staff, since apparently we (as a school) missed the proper day for that (we hang our heads in shame, those two wonderful women deserve better).

11. Bring a delicious dish for tomorrow’s pot luck. Or stop at the store and bring something they’ve made.

12. Work some more next Saturday. Yep, I really do love those girls.

13. Make a scrapbook page for the school nurse (she’s retiring). Shhhh, don’t tell her!

14. Prepare my manuscript (part of it, anyway) to send out to my writing group. This will be the first time I’m sharing it with them. Gulp.

Oh, and continue to do all the regular stuff, like teach and do laundry and go to the grocery store and spend time with my family. Yep, it’s all good. Summer’s coming, I can handle this!