Not bad for a fat girl


Blog Bombing B and N

On days when the number of visits to BulgingButtons seems to stagnate, in spite of the sparkling gem of a post I have just shared with the world, I start to get a little peevish.

“Is anybody out there?” I wonder. “Am I irrelevant?”

I wonder if I’ve missed something. Some way of reaching out to people who might learn from or at least enjoy reading something I’ve written. In my heart I know they’re out there. People who want to make positive changes in their lives, but feel stuck for some reason. People who are not severely damaged, but may have a few dings and dents. People whose overall outlook on life is positive, but who still need a boost now and then. People like me.

I want those people to join the 500 or so others who have already discovered my little corner of the internet. I want them to read my words and shake their heads, and post their own thoughts and experiences. I want to draw them into the conversation. We’ve got a pretty cool little community over here, and I would love to see it grow.

With that outreach in mind, my brain started thinking about ways to share the blog, short of walking up to strangers on the street and handing them this web address. That would be weird, right? Yes, it would, in case you weren’t sure. My brain went back to the days of my life as a candle lady. Back in the day I wanted to expand my client base and grow my business so I read a few books and learned a few things. One thing that stuck was to go where the clients are.

133618-barnes-nobleSo, where do people like me go? Well, everywhere, but one of my favorite places is the bookstore. You know, the giant one with the comfy chairs and the Starbucks inside? I love that place, and lots of other people do too. What if I printed up a few cards with a catchy phrase and my web addy and placed them strategically inside selected books? You know, kind of like what people do with their secrets in the PostSecret books? By the way, I look for those secrets. Haven’t found one yet.

I could put them in cookbooks, in Yoga for Dummies, in “Yes, You’re a Good Enough Mom” books, in “Get Creative” books, and in so many others. I think it would be fun to spend some time at the bookstore, slipping in “bookmarks” with the BulgingButtons addy on it. But honestly, I don’t know that I would get a single hit from the effort. Perhaps if I had something to gain from the exercise, aside from a couple of curiosity clicks, I might run with the idea. It does tickle me to think of putting my mark all over the bookstore, though. Maybe some lonely day when there are crickets chirping on my stats page I will actually follow through on this guerilla marketing plan. In the meantime, I would love to hear any crazy schemes you have for getting your content out there.