Not bad for a fat girl

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Fighting the Failing Feeling

629305I knew this was coming. I braced myself. I thought I was ready. Turns out I really wasn’t. My time off work ended and the last two weeks have been busy and hectic and a challenge. They have also been energizing and fun and satisfying, but they’ve been awful in terms of taking good care of myself. My sleep has been lousy, I haven’t exercised nearly enough, and I’ve been eating poorly. Turns out old habits are hard to break. I knew this, of course. I even tried to plan for it. The sad truth is, though, that at the end of a long and busy work day I find it difficult to exercise and prepare nutritious meals. I’m trying. And eventually I’ll get it, but I’m not quite there yet. In the meantime, though, it would probably help if I stayed away from cinnamon bears and beer. UGH.