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Well This is Embarrassing

I’m so sorry, September. I missed you completely. August, I didn’t do much better with you, and October, you’re nearly over. It’s certainly been a blogging dry spell, but I’m back. Back and better than ever? Maybe not, but at least I’m here. Showing up counts for something, right?

Halloween is in a few days, and our decorations are still in the “attic” space above the garage. They’ve been there for a while, since I’m pretty sure we didn’t get them out last year either. We were still reeling from my sweetheart’s hospitalization (or as he likes to call it, his visit to camp). This year we’re just busy, I guess, and less motivated than it takes to climb a ladder and hand down a big plastic tote or two.

I think we’re both waiting for the dust to settle, literally and figuratively. Literally because our master bathroom has been a work in progress since the end of September. Realistically, it’s not that long, but it feels longer since we haven’t been able to use our shower since months before that.

In order to accommodate the new bathtub, vanity, countertop, and sink we moved the bed out. I also had to completely empty my walk-in closet. It was a good excuse to weed out some things I don’t need. My son’s room was conveniently empty since he moved into his own apartment in August, so it became the temporary bedroom.

The tub has since been installed, as has the vanity, but the shower isn’t quite done, the medicine cabinets aren’t yet up, and the closet doors still need to be installed. Finally the towel bars go up, and voila, it’s done! I love my new tub. I love the new tile. I love the new vanity. I’m concerned that the paint I chose might be a little bright. A more grey hue would have been better. Live and learn. At least paint is easier to change than practically anything else (new towels would be easier), but it’s not impossible down the line if I really don’t like living with the current color. I love the color, but it might not be quite right for the space.

Then there’s work. Busy, busy, busy. Which is why I’m pursuing an advanced teaching credential, because if you want something done, give it to a busy person. It’s a lot of work, and I’ve barely begun, but I can do it, especially since I have wonderful teammates alongside me.

So that’s a quick update. I’m sure I’m missing tons, but hopefully you’ll hear more from me soon. For now, though, I have to get back to work.


Welcome to the Crazy that we Call November

tumblr_mctpaoujxl1qk32z8o1_500The trick-or-treaters are all gone, and only a few candy wrappers were blowing around the empty street this morning. I’m debating whether to put away the Halloween decorations today or wait until Monday. It seems like they should stay up through the weekend. I even hit the half price section of my major discount retailer this morning for a few strands of orange lights and a three foot tall monster yard decoration. Oh, and a couple of bags of half price candy. We ran out last night and I’m a candy addict, I admit it.39677b717efbbcd1367b367cb27c2f6c

So now that another holiday is officially in the books, the craziness that is November begins. We start the month with the vestiges of Halloween, and the candy and mess (think rotting pumpkins) it leaves behind. As soon as we get that all put away, we turn our attention to Thanksgiving. Who will be coming over, what dishes should we serve? And if you live at my house, how shall we prepare the turkey? Fried, smoked, or roasted? Decisions, decisions. Then, the day after that’s all done, as we’re enjoying leftovers, we turn our attention to Christmas. Up goes the tree, and out go the crazy black Friday shoppers. No offense, but I enjoy sleep way too much to get up in the middle of the night to fight crowds and spend money. No, thank you.

Mix into all of that a little thing called NaNoWriMo, where you challenge yourself to write a whole novel in November, and another little thing called NaBloPoMo, where you challenge yourself to blog everyday, and you have a recipe for madness. The really weird part about it all? I did it last year (oh, and threw in a very early Chanukah to boot) and honestly, I LOVED it! I blogged everyday. I wrote a manuscript of over 50,000 words. I cleaned up from Halloween, celebrated Thanksgiving, celebrated Chanukah, and prepared for Christmas. I also taught full-time and parented a teen and maintained a relationship with my fiance. I rocked it!

So here we are back at November 1. I’m in a new home, but everything else is the same. Do I think I can do it again? Why not! I won’t know unless I try, so by golly I’m going to try. Hang on to your hat, because November is here!