Not bad for a fat girl


Building Bravery One Word at a Time

Here we are, halfway to the end of November. Actually, just past halfway. So far I’ve managed to keep up with posting each day, and it feels good.

I like having a daily writing habit, and NaBloPoMo has been the nudge I needed to get back to it. On top of that, I’ve been writing with two writing groups. One of them just wrapped up with a public reading, and I got brave and shared my work. It’s the third time I’ve done a public reading, and each time it feels slightly more natural and slightly less intimidating.Public-Speaking

November is a perfect month for stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s the month where I reflect on all of the good things in my life (Thanksgiving, anyone?). When I think about all of the supportive people I have around me, and all of the positive experiences I’ve been able to enjoy, it gives me confidence. I feel loved and capable, so why not try my hand at something challenging? Besides, what’s the worst case scenario?

In terms of the reading, the worst case scenario would be a heckler, but really, it was held at a small gallery, and the whole audience was comprised of the writers’ families and friends. I doubt any of them would have booed me away from the podium. Even if they had, at least three people in the crowd would have scolded them. It’s that kind of group.

I need to keep this attitude of “what have I got to lose?” and “what’s the worst case scenario?” Bravery can be cultivated, I’m sure of it. It’s time for me to work on building mine.