Not bad for a fat girl


Oh Sriracha

Where did this stuff come from? All of a sudden it was just there. Then it was everywhere. blogsriracha

I like spicy, but I can’t handle too spicy. I’m a baby that way. Sriracha works for me. It gives my food a kick but it doesn’t make me want to cry.

That kick is important. Since I’ve gone back on Weight Watchers, I’ve been doing pretty well. Ok, unless you count my lunch today which consisted of nothing but desserts and a diet coke. Damn Teacher Appreciation Week. But I didn’t eat a real lunch so I could indulge in the yumminess. That works, right? It’s math.

Back to the kick. Since I’m getting reacquainted with healthy (in my mind boring) food, amping up the flavor is important. Sweet chili sauce, fat free Italian dressing, garlic powder, honey mustard, and Sriracha all add a lot of flavor for not a lot of calories (or any). Yay!

I love food, and want to enjoy it. Bland food isn’t for me. I want FLAVOR! If I can’t get it from butter and chocolate and cheese, then why not from condiments?