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Five Things I’ve Learned This Week

This week I’ve learned a few things. I like that. Learning is great. I want to do more of it!


Something like this seems sweet and reasonable, but I don’t think this is what some of those new moms have in mind.

Push Present – A gift that a woman receives after giving birth, presumably as a reward for doing a good job carrying and delivering a baby. Sounds a little peculiar to me, but maybe this tradition isn’t as weird as it sounds at first. I think I’d like it to be a token of love to commemorate the milestone of adding a child to the family rather than a reward, but then again, I’m not in charge.

Cherry Eye – A red angry-looking growth that dogs can get near the eye. Apparently it can be surgically removed if the dog is otherwise healthy. Unfortunately it can prevent an otherwise perfect animal from finding a new home.

In work news – The end of this school year will mark twenty years of employment with the state for me. In preparation for filling out financial aid forms for my son, I looked up my retirement information, and was surprised that it had been this long. I was also pleased to learn that I had a little more in my retirement fund than I expected. Not a lot, mind you, but more than I thought.

ht_green_bean_casserole_jef_121115_wmainOn the culinary front – My son likes traditional green bean casserole. We haven’t had it the past few Thanksgivings, and I didn’t think anyone missed it, but the other morning he asked if we could have it. I think it’s time to teach him how to make it.

Speaking of Food – All protein bars are not created equal. I was at a different store and they didn’t have the brand I like, so I tried something else. Yuck. Protein bars are pricey, and I was disappointed. I’ll eat them (did I mention that they’re pricey?) but yuck. Clif Builder Bars all the way, baby (chocolate mint is my favorite).

What have you learned lately?

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Pet Adoption Genius


Finding love in the 21st century affords people more options. No longer does one have to wait for parents or other relatives to provide an introduction to a suitable mate, nor does one have to subject oneself to nights in noisy, crowded bars. Modern people turn to the internet to meet a far wider variety of people than they might normally come into contact with, increasing their odds of finding love.

Not only can we encounter a wider cross-section of the population on the internet, but we can harmlessly flip through profiles, casting aside those that we don’t find suitable with the swipe of a fingertip, with no hard feelings involved. Genius.

Well the amazingly smart people at PawsLikeMe.com took the same concept and applied it to dogs. Not only do they have extensive listings of dogs to love, but they’ve taken the time to gather information about their energy levels, their independence, their focus, and their overall needs. Next, they administer a quiz to prospective pet adopters, and they use the results to match people with pooches.

This is Sunday

This is Sunday, isn’t she beautiful?

If you’re a couch potato they’re not going to match you with a high energy dog. If you’re not home for several hours a day you won’t be matched with a dog with a low independence rating. It’s genius, really. Instead of falling in love with a sweet face and then finding out that he or she is a poor match, they find the personality traits that fit best first. From that point you can still fall in love with their sweet faces.

No, I don’t get any kind of anything from them. I just love the idea and wish I could adopt more of the darling dogs they’ve chosen for me (yes, I took the quiz, don’t tell Lila).

If you’re looking for a canine companion, I strongly urge you to check them out. Even if you aren’t, it might be fun to take the quiz and see the sweethearts that could be a good match for you. If nothing else, share their site. The more dogs that go into suitable homes, the fewer homeless dogs in the world, right? It just makes sense.


This Dog

Pool_Puppy_0509I just wrote, and lost, a long post about this dog. I wrote about how she came into our lives and about how crazy she was. I wrote about how she saved us when we thought we were saving her. This dog has been my therapy, but even better, she has been my son’s friend. I love this dog, and I’m glad she’s ours.