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Doggy Dreams

What do they dream about?IMG_3034.jpg

My Lila is asleep at my feet, and every now and then she lets out a long sigh.

Earlier she was making the most adorable sound, one that she only makes when she’s asleep. It’s not a cry or a whine or a woof, but sort of a hybrid of all three of those sounds. Clearly she’s thinking about SOMETHING when she’s doing that, but I’m not sure if it’s something good or bad.

Do dogs have nightmares? Are they afraid in their sleep? Do they see monsters and boogie men and lions and tigers and bears? Do they hear fireworks and thunder? Are they afraid of being abandoned?

Do they dream of hunting? Chasing down a rabbit or a squirrel? Do they dream about running on the beach and splashing in the surf? Or riding in the car with the window down and the wind flopping their ears? Do they dream of curling up on the couch next to their person at the end of the day?

I wish I knew what she dreams of. I hope it’s all good things. I never want that dog to feel fear or loneliness. She’s much too good of a companion for that.

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Doggy Dreams

I wonder what my dog dreams about. She follows me into my studio (a fancy term for the bedroom I have commandeered) and lays at my feet while I work (or play) on the computer. Soon, she falls asleep.

She is lovely company, quiet and undemanding when it’s just the two of us here in this peaceful space. I go into my head here, and she does the same. Her journey, however, is through her dreams.

I’m certain she dreams. She lets out little chuffing noises from time to time, and occasionally a paw will mime running. It’s as though she’s on a mission, perhaps chasing down a little rabbit that has dared to enter her yard.

I wonder what the world is like from her perspective. I recently read A Dog’s Purpose, and a while back I read The Art of Racing In the Rain, both wonderful books written from a dog’s point of view. I wonder how close the authors came to capturing the experiences of these dogs (and yes, I know these are works of fiction, but you know what I mean).

My dog is a sweet girl, and her presence in the room, while she dreams her doggy dreams, never fails to charm and calm me. I hope all of her dreams are as wonderful as she is.