Not bad for a fat girl


Spring Renewal

Mixed-Color-TulipsToday being Easter I can’t help but think of renewal. I’m not a Christian, but I do understand the significance of this day, and of the concept of resurrection. I find the idea that people can get another chance, even after death, uplifting- as do countless believers. While I’m not in the running for an eternal heavenly placement, I would like yet another chance here on earth.

I’m taking this opportunity to do some spring cleaning of various sorts. First there’s the bodily spring cleaning that needs to be done. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with my doctor to review some lab reports. They were standard, nothing too worrisome, yet once again they pointed out that I’m stressing my body in ways that it doesn’t like.

Diet and exerciseFewer calories, more exercise. Fewer sweets, more fruits and vegetables. Fewer stressors and more physical activities. I know all of this, and yet, here I am again, back where I began. Don’t believe me? Check out the 47 for 47 page that appeared last July. My progress has been poor, but I’m going to print out another check sheet and see if I can’t turn things around. I know my cheerleaders are here to help me, as always.

Another clean up project involves the blog. Not cleaning up, exactly, but straightening up. I almost deleted the projects page, until I realized that I still have projects to share, they’re just different than I originally anticipated.  I’ve also included a Best of BB page so you can quickly find posts that others have found noteworthy. I do appreciate shares and reblogs, as long as you link back here, so by all means have at it.

Finally there’s the house. The blasted, blessed house. I’ve been working on cleaning and staging it so I can sell it at last. Today we did some landscaping touch ups, and it looks quite lovely, if I do say so myself. Yesterday we took another walk though one that I quite like, even if it does need some TLC. C’mon house, SELL!

So, in the spirit of new life, new growth, and renewal in general, I wish you a happy spring, and a season of joy and love.



And So It Begins – Six Months of Temptation

Ah yes, the end of October. It’s the unofficial start to what I like to call the eating season. It’s more than a season, though. It’s actually approximately half the year. DSC00278

October brings with it Halloween, which used to mean a night of trick-or-treating and the bowl and sack of candy that accompanied it. Not anymore. Now it means specialty cupcakes and impossible to resist orange filled oreos. I know. I’m weak. And I should never grocery shop when I’m hungry.

After the sugar high of Halloween, we get into the comfort food of Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Yum. And if we must throw in a veggie or two why not put them in a casserole with extra calories and deliciousness? Of course we finish the whole thing off with pie. Um, I mean pieS. Who can choose between apple, pumpkin, and pecan? Why choose? Have some of each. And yes, please, I would like some whipped cream on it.

Then, the very next day, we’re into the Christmas season. Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies are in abundance (even if the low temperatures in my area don’t even require mittens).  Specialty items are everywhere, including those cursed Trader Joes candy cane chocolate dipped oreo knock-offs. They are insane.

And don’t forget Hanukkah. Whether you celebrate it or not, those hot golden fried potato latkes are a tradition not to be missed. And what’s Hanukkah without a little bit of chocolate gelt?

Before you know it, February shows up on the calendar, with heart shaped boxes declaring your love for your sweetheart. The bigger the box, the more you love them. Or the more of them there there will be to love, anyway.

It seems that the minute those heart shaped boxes hit the clearance aisle they are replaced by Easter candy. It used to be jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, but now it’s so much more.  DSC00280My personal Achille’s heel are the Cadbury mini eggs. These are not the chocolate goo filled eggs (which, not surprisingly, I also enjoy), but the small candy shelled bits of yumminess. They must be milk chocolate, though. The dark chocolate ones just don’t do it for me. And the Christmas version of candy shelled red and green balls isn’t quite the same either. Apparently I’m a Cadbury mini egg snob.

So there you go, a breakdown of the October to April feeding frenzy that I’m hoping to navigate with some type of success. My only saving grace is that I also bought fruit, and I know how to eat it!