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2014 Kickoff – I’m Back!

1525393_758185304211037_445543185_nJust rolled in last night from nine days of R and R. Peace and quiet. Sun and sand. Tours and tropics. Food and beverages. Love and laughter. Just got back from an amazing trip to Hawai’i. That place is unreal.

I actually slept right through the transition from 2013 to 2014. It was a busy day on our trip, and the three of us were in bed by midnight central time. That’s okay, I can have champagne any time I want.

Right now I’m dealing with a teenager who is having trouble coping with the time difference (tomorrow his dad gets to wake him for school, glad I won’t be there for that), a bunch of laundry, and the harsh realization that tomorrow the party’s over. It’s back to work and school and routine. As always, there’s too much to be done, but now I have a more relaxed outlook. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Most of the trip was spent on a cruise. I loved it. It did make me think about certain things, like how to live in a small space. My home is a mansion compared to the stateroom that I shared with my mother and son for the past week, but we were quite comfortable and had what we needed for the situation.

I have so many other thoughts swirling through my head, but I can’t write much more now. I have to go drag the boy out of his nice warm bed so he can get ready to go to his dad’s. Then real life begins, with some meal planning, shopping for decent food (there is currently canned cheese in my house, this isn’t good, my sweetheart needs nutritious food too), and last minute school work.

I hope your 2014 has begun well with reasonable expectations, a positive attitude, and hope for a bright future.