Not bad for a fat girl


Week 4 Challenge – Quitting the Drive-Thru

Drive-ThruWell, so far, so good.

I still haven’t set foot in Starbucks (or gone through the drive-thru) since I issued myself the week 1 challenge. I still have managed to eat fruits and vegetables every day since I issued myself the week 2 challenge. And I survived an entire week of drinking no more than one soda per day. In fact, yesterday I didn’t even have one.

I like these challenges. Each one gets easier as time goes on, which is really the point. Hopefully they’ll become habits, replacing the poor habits I spent years developing and honing.

Of course, just because I’ve been doing these things doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I’m living a fit and healthy lifestyle. My sweet son was the first to point out that simply skipping Starbucks or passing on a soda means nothing if I pull into McDonald’s for a shake instead. Which I did. Once. So that leads me to the week 4 challenge.

I don’t even want to type this one. I’m afraid I’ll fail. But I won’t know until I try, and I won’t try until I issue the challenge. So… the week 4 challenge is to stay out of the drive-thru. Any drive-thru. Even if it’s only for my son. If we want fast food that much we’ll have to park and go in to get it. I don’t see that happening often, but I’m not ready to swear off fast food entirely.

Wish me luck this week. It means that I have to plan ahead for breakfast. That’s where I usually trip up. We rush out the door feeling like there’s no time to eat, but then I zip through BK, which takes just as long as breakfast at home would have, and for less money and significantly fewer calories, not to mention sodium and fat grams.

I can do this. Of course I can. I’m Wonder Woman. I’m powerful. I’m strong. I’m hungry. I’m off to find some breakfast and head to work. Let me know if you’re joining me this week in boycotting the drive-thru.