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Why A Charlie Brown Christmas Made Me Cry

448e9b06a903fbbbc1b40cf165ce75b2So A Charlie Brown Christmas is 50 years old. It’s just a few months older than I am. Last night there was a lovely t.v. special about its history, followed by the show itself, so naturally I watched, being the Christmas fan that I am.

Now normally this particular show doesn’t make me cry. Oh sure, it tugs at the old heartstrings, but crying? Nope, not for this one. Until last night.

For some reason, when they were talking about some of the music and showing a scene of Charlie Brown and Linus walking down the street at night, it hit me. I was transported back to the winter of my childhood, and my own snowy street at night. My companion, however, was my father.

Most of my winter memories are of freezing cold, gloom, and inconvenience. I’m not a fan of winter weather, even a little. But last night, something shifted. As I watched those animated snowflakes fall, I remembered what it was like to go for a walk with my father in the winter, moonlight reflecting off the snow. I remembered the stillness, and the chill on my face. I remember him holding my mittened hand in his gloved one. I remembered the feeling that we were the only two people on Earth, and how much I liked that. I remembered the warm glow from the windows of our neighbors houses, and the fun of running ahead a few feet and sliding. I remembered snow angels.

I remembered that my childhood was full of simple, yet magical moments, and that I was loved. A few minutes of A Charlie Brown Christmas dislodged those memories from whatever deep freeze was holding them, and for that I’m grateful.


A New Quilt Project

You know how you have lots of projects already in the works, but can never seem to find the time to finish them? You don’t? Oh. Well, I do.

Sometimes those projects linger for days, weeks, months, or in the case of several of my unfinished quilts, years. Still, I can’t quite bring myself to give up on them.

Just like Dug, I'm easily excited by new things.

Just like Dug, I’m easily excited by new things.

SOMEDAY I may want to finish that particular project, so it sits tucked away, patiently waiting.

In the meantime, my attention gets drawn someplace else. New ideas pop into my head. New materials beckon to me. New trends emerge. “THAT’S what I want to do!” I tell myself, so nine times out of ten I give myself permission to go for it.

I’m not one to start and finish one thing before I start and finish the next. I’m more of a multi-tasker. I may be reading three or four books, writing two or three pieces, and sewing two or three quilts at any one time. My dearly departed father would be both proud and appalled. Proud because he did the same thing. Appalled because he preached against it.

Today I’m on summer vacation. I have the itch to sew up some of the gorgeous fabrics that have been patiently decorating my past two sewing spaces. I’ve found a pattern I’d like to try, and I’m ready to go. All I have to do is move the laptop and replace it with the sewing machine. Then it’s go time!

I’m excited. I’m ready. Here we go!