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Who Are You Strange Men, and Where Have You Come From?



In the past two weeks or so there have been a number of new followers to BulgingButtons. This makes my little blogger heart happy, since a follow generally indicates that the reader has enjoyed something he has read.

Yes, I used “he” on purpose there. You see, I’m a fat middle-aged American woman writing about earth-shattering topics like cleaning up my house and trying to get healthy. Yes, I also write about education, and you’re a fool if you don’t think that’s an important topic, but generally this is a mostly self-indulgent little blog about me trying to get by in the world, doing the best I can. So why, then, are most of these new followers men?

I’m not sure, to be honest. Maybe they’re all fake; you know, the spambots people are always warning us about? But I’ve gone to their sites, and they look pretty legit. None of them tried to sell me time shares or sign me up as a mail order bride. Maybe, just maybe, they read something they liked?

I do try to follow some of the golden rules of blogging, but I’m not always successful. What I try to do:

  1. Provide something of value to the reader. Maybe it’s a good idea I’m sharing, or inspiration, or just the knowledge that the reader is not alone in whatever foolish thing they’ve done.
  2. Keep my blog posts easy to read. I know I tend to ramble, so I work to keep it under control. I also use paragraph breaks and lists to help make text easier to get through.
  3. Write about things I care about. If I’m inauthentic the reader is going to pick up on it instantly and stop reading. I may sometimes be raw, but at least I’m real.
  4. Polish my work. I try to put out blog posts that are carefully checked and as error-free as possible. Yes, sometimes mistakes slip through. When I catch them, I do go back and edit. I think readers deserve to read error-free content.

Still, there must be something. I would love some enlightenment. New followers, you are certainly welcome here. We’ve been doing this thing for about four years now, and we’ve built a terrific little community here. Feel free to join the conversation, and if you’re willing to share, tell us what brought you here in the first place.


Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

Today’s question to ponder is what do I consider to be successful blogging. Does it involve “likes” and “follows?”  Damn you, daily prompt, you’ve hit upon something with which I’m currently struggling . In my world domination post (tactfully called going global), I confessed that I would like to be read in every continent. I’m a realist, though, so I’m okay with Antarctica being left out. But now here you are asking about likes and follows. Dad gummit. Yes, okay, yes. I DO measure the success of my blog by those things. I know I shouldn’t. I know I should write quality content for my own self betterment and if the masses find it inspirational or intriguing or whatever that’s all a bonus. But I want to be read. I want to be followed. I want to be liked. There, I said it.

flags-globe3I am completely intrigued by the idea of sharing thoughts, ideas, and inspiration with human beings whose lives are so completely different than mine, yet have so many similarities. We live all over the globe, have all different types of families, come from different backgrounds and circumstances, yet we all share the human condition. We all have loves and losses, we all have struggles and triumphs. I feel honored every time someone visits my blog to see what my take is on this life and its ups and downs. I visit their blogs and gain insight into their worlds. Without those likes and follows I wouldn’t have a window into the world of the trainer in Greece or the artist in London. I would never have learned about the Polish girl living her dream in Turkey or the teacher in Switzerland. My curious mind loves learning about all of them, and when they come visit me and leave their calling cards I feel so honored.

My blog is all about transformation and all of the bumps along the way. It’s about being a fat girl in a not so fat friendly world, and about making myself the healthiest and happiest version of myself possible. It doesn’t happen overnight. It isn’t always pretty. In fact it’s rarely pretty. But it’s my life and my world and I want to share it. I want to explore what’s happening and my reactions to those things. By putting my thoughts down, it helps me to clarify them. It helps me to see where I’m doing things right, and where I need to make changes. Blogging holds me accountable, and allows me to shout my triumphs to the world.

So yes, those likes and especially those follows mean a lot to me. My blog is still new, and I’m still learning how to reach more readers. I make little goals for myself, like when I reach 100 followers I will do the happy dance. I’m not even halfway there, but I know I will get there. I know I have something to say, and that there is an audience for my writing, so I will keep at it, and keep learning about the real world though the world of blogging.