Not bad for a fat girl

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Coming Clean

Chilled ganache and Cool Whip.

Chilled ganache and Cool Whip.

Oh my gosh. I lied to you already. That’s no way to start a relationship, but it happened. I signed off with every intention of hopping into the pool for a bit of exercise (and to cool off) but I ended up at the fridge instead.

Are you familiar with ganache? It is either pure heaven or pure evil, depending on your point of view. It’s the incredibly smooth delicious covering for a cake that isn’t a glaze and isn’t quite a frosting. It’s made of chocolate and cream, nothing else. The other day my sweetheart, who loves to bake, made a trial birthday cake for me. He decided to try ganache for the first time. The cake is gone, but there was some extra ganache that  I made him save in the fridge (he would have thrown it out). Chilled ganache is similar to fudge. It’s even better with fat free cool whip. Don’t ask me how I know, just trust me.

Anyway, on my way to a spoonful of ganache, I remembered that I had to bring some brownies to a potluck lunch. Today. I hadn’t made them yet. I did some quick math and even quicker baking, and the swim went out the window. The good news is, the brownies were well received.  I wonder how they would taste with ganache?