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Late Again – Christmas Cards

original_christmas-card-collection-set-of-ten-cardsSo I was all upset about not receiving Christmas cards a while back. Boo hoo, poor me, I blogged. I love cards. I want cards. I will send cards out, I promised. I even went and bought the cards. I did give a few out at school, but have I sent any out? No. I have not.

I just finished writing them and they have stamps and addresses on them and everything, but they are not in the mail. The soonest I can mail them is tomorrow, the 23rd of December. There is no mail on the 25th. My cards will be late.

I am sorry, but I’m also glad that I’ve done them and that some of my friends will receive them. Some of my friends really don’t do cards, so in order for them to avoid any guilt feelings I’ve refrained from sending them cards this year. Maybe next year they’ll get one too, but then again, it’s way too soon to start planning for next year.