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Halloween Around My House

Quite a while ago I published a blog post lamenting the loss of some of my favorite fall and Halloween decorations. It was a blow. Really. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Then again, it probably was. Mine, in fact. I moved out of my old house and my former husband moved back in. I left behind some items to be donated, and he took them. Apparently my decor was in the mix, somewhere. Sad story, right?

Except that it has a happy ending. He never dropped off that box. He delivered all the other donations, but he figured that someday I’d want that box. He even asked me about it, but I thought he was talking about some old junky plastic stuff, not things my son had made and ceramic items that I really like and handmade decorations. I told him to just get rid of it, but he didn’t. He put it aside. He even moved it when he sold the house and moved out. Then he moved it again.

Eventually that box came up in conversation, and I told him how I regretted telling him to get rid of that stuff. He smiled. He told me he had it. I was shocked. I actually cried. I know. I’m a sap. It’s just stuff. But he was kind. He wasn’t vengeful. He knew I would want it and he kept it. He delivered it a short time later. I appreciate that, more than he’ll ever truly understand. I knew there was a reason I married him in the first place. There were lots of reasons, in fact. It was nice that he reminded me. Happy Halloween.

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Autumn Decor

Time to put away the Halloween decorations (they’re piled on the dining room table) and get out the Thanksgiving decor. The autumn sign is above the fireplace, a ceramic pumpkin light on the kitchen table, and a few little wooden turkeys are about to take their places. And the quilts are out.

I have two that I use in the fall, both of them my creations. The tiny pumpkin quilt comes out for Halloween and stays out until the Christmas decorations go up. The turkey quilt came out today. I love the fall colors, and the turkey is quirky and unusual. It goes well with my son’s school project turkey from long ago.

I’ll enjoy these decorations for a short time, then it will be time to exchange them for the Christmas decorations. Now THAT’s a job!

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January 10th and Christmas is Still Not Quite Gone

9af61aac02a42e1cd147f625c1e32e15Today we made progress. All of the tubs of Christmas decorations made it from the hallway and living room out to the garage and up into the attic. All but the Christmas tree and ornaments. That’s a whole other project for a whole other day.

What’s left of Christmas at this point is my beautifully decorated tree surrounded by four plastic totes of various sizes and colors. My sweetheart bought new totes this year, and we filled them and got rid of some of the old broken ones. There’s one large new one and three smaller old ones left.

Many of the ornaments are fragile, and I store them in their original boxes. I know it takes up a lot of space, but I’d rather do that then break them.AC037619l I’m tempted to just take them all off the tree and throw them in a tote, but the satisfaction of getting it done would quickly be replaced by disappointment finding broken ornaments that hold sentimental value. Nope, it’s just not worth it.

So, for now, I’m happy that MOST of the Christmas stuff is gone, but I’m still dreading undecorating the tree. Why is it so much more work than decorating it?

Maybe by this time next week Christmas will be gone for good, at least for another 11 months.