Not bad for a fat girl


Sometimes People Suck

thumbI feel grumpy.

I feel unsettled.

Frankly, I feel kind of dirty.


Something I witnessed while I was out walking the dog earlier.

Here’s what happened. A few houses down from us a basketball came flying out of nowhere and landed in the street. I have no idea where it came from, but I expected that some kid would be out soon to retrieve it. We kept walking, but no kid appeared. It was on the far side of the street, near the curb, and since I didn’t know where it came from I left it alone. I figured the kid would be along momentarily.

Well, the dog and I continued down the street and a small car passed us and continued down the block. All of a sudden it stopped. I turned around to witness the passenger, a grown man, jump out of the car and grab the basketball, then hurry back into the car and drive away.

I was confused. Did it come from a yard all the way on the other side of the block? Was it his ball? Why else would he have picked it up? The dog and I made it to the end of the street, then turned back toward home. As we approached we saw them, the two boys looking for their ball. They were looking in bushes on both sides of the street. When I got close enough I asked if they were looking for their blue basketball. Of course they were. I told them what happened. They were as confused as I was.

Who would do that?

Karma’s a bitch, I hope that guy’s ready for her.