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Throwback Thursday – Clean and Fresh

Today’s throwback is dedicated to personal hygiene. Remember those products that have come and gone? Some we loved, others we tolerated, some are still around. Here are some from my growing up years.

1. Mr. Bubble. I was never a huge fan of baths as a little kid, even though I loved the water. A bubble bath, on the other hand, was a treat!

2. No More Tangles – My grandmother bought this just for me and used it whenever I stayed over. My mother did not use it, and there were both tangles and tears. Maybe that’s way I dreaded the bath?

3. Prell Shampoo – How could something so green not be good?

4. Herbal Essence Shampoo – You’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on. I liked the smell of this one.

5. Body On Tap Beer Shampoo – Why?

6. Nair – Oh my goodness. My dad was a dermatologist and had a fit when he saw that I bought this. He had so many people visit his office with horrible reactions to this product. Still, it wasn’t as scary as a razor.

7. Love’s Lemon Scent – To this day the scent of lemon takes me back to junior high.

8. Loose Powder with a big puff – I remember having this stuff after a bath when I was little. I like plain ole baby powder better, thank you very much.

9. Aim Toothpaste – I liked this minty green gel so much better than the boring old crest toothpaste my mom always bought.

10. Noxzema Cream – From acne to sunburn, this stuff was the best. And that fresh tingle it gave you… brrrrr.