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And Now for Some Babymetal

Okay, I confess, this is something completely different for me. If you’ve never heard Babymetal before (and until recently I hadn’t) you might want to turn down your speakers before you click play. The term “metal” in their name isn’t a joke, they’re metal, but not like any metal music you’ve heard before.

Here’s where they differ: they’re fronted by three adorable, high energy Japanese teen girls. These girls sing, and move, at an astonishing pace. And did I mention that they’re adorable? Pigtails, tu-tu’s, hair ribbons… the works.

There’s something compelling about Babymetal. I think it’s the contrast between the girls’ perceived innocence and the raw and almost frightening nature of the metal music. Certainly the band’s costumes add to that dangerous feeling. The intriguing part is that the girls are clearly “in” on whatever ominous deeds the rest of the band may be conjuring up. They are clearly not victims, in spite of their apparent vulnerability.

I find the whole experience of watching and listening to them engaging, and frankly, I tend to nod my head along to the music. The more I see and listen to them, the more I enjoy what they have to offer. I’d love your impressions of this creative group.