Not bad for a fat girl


Daily Prompt: Clean House

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

Well of course there’s junk in my life. Everyone has it, in one form or another, and I’m no exception. In fact, I have plenty of junk. I have junk in my head, on my hips, in my home and in my heart. Do I need or even want all that junk? No I do not, yet I hang onto it, so there have to be some reasons.randomthoughts1-248x300

Let’s start with the head. It’s full of all sorts of nonsense, making it difficult for important information to find a comfortable home. I can recite random factoids and song lyrics from 1975, but can I remember my son’s orthodontist appointment or where I put those photos? Often times, the answer is no. Since I know of no way to reorganize my brain, I’m trying to rely on methods outside my memory to help keep me organized. If only my brain worked more like a computer, where I could set up folders for information to access it more easily, and delete that which is no longer relevant. Of course that assumes I would actually do those things, but in reality my computer desktop is full of junk too. At least my computer works more efficiently than my brain, and I’m able to search it quickly, too.

Now on to the body junk, and boy is there lots of it. There is plenty of extra fat, some extra cholesterol, and an assortment of bonus skin cells here and there. I paint a lovely picture, I know. Getting rid of all that body junk isn’t easy. The skin, well, that has to be removed by a doctor, and frankly it hurts, so some of it I just live with (we’re talking little moles and skin tags, people, not horrific lesions). The cholesterol is a little easier to deal with. For a while it involved taking a tiny pill, but exercise has made those pills unnecessary. Yay! In fact exercise, along with a healthy diet, is the way I’m going to keep getting rid of the fat. I totally get it, burn more calories than you take in. Simple. But oh, so difficult! I’m trying, though.

That leads us perfectly into the junk of the heart. This is the emotional junk that we carry around. Here lie the messages that you maybe aren’t quite good enough. Maybe you don’t deserve love. Perhaps you’ll never reach your goals. Self doubt and unhappiness burrow into hidden corners of the heart and take up residence. They have to be exposed and banished. They are like a cancer. They have to be forcibly removed, but often traces of them are left behind. These need to be eradicated with consistent long term positive messages and large doses of love. Even so, they can creep back in. The health of the heart has to be monitored closely and intervention must take place quickly in order to avoid a takeover by those doubts and negative emotions. Fortunately I have a team on my side that loves me, making it much easier to wipe out those bits of emotional junk that do manage to creep back in.donation-box-cropped

Finally, there’s the actual physical junk that invades my living and working spaces. There’s clean and dirty laundry, piles of mail- both opened and unopened, books, magazine, dishes, quilting materials, electronics, toiletries, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations, office supplies, and tons of other junk. Now in all fairness, not much of it is actual “junk” as defined by me. To me “junk” is stuff that is useless or has no value. HOWEVER, too much stuff is too much stuff. As the very wise Flylady says, “you can’t organize clutter.” I know this, and yet clutter tends to accumulate anyway. That’s why so many of my 47 for 47 challenge items have to do with purging, streamlining, and consolidating items. As I sit here looking at my computer table alone, I know I have a big job ahead of me. Again, from the Flylady, “baby steps.” I set a timer and go through one area, tossing what doesn’t belong and putting away items that are out of place. I do this periodically, and it always feels great when I do. I give away items that are in good condition but no longer work for me and my household, and it always feel like a sigh of relief when I discover cleared off surfaces and a bit more breathing room. Now I’m inspired to do some fall cleaning. Look out junk, you’re about to go!