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Loyal Dog vs. Zombies

Let me preface by saying I’m not a huge Zombie fan.

Oh sure, I do love Zombieland (yes, I know it’s gory and gross, but it’s freaking funny with some awesome actors), and I’ve enjoyed the entire Dayna Lorentz series. But somehow those fantastic YA novels set in the post Zombie shopping mall world seem different to me. Then there’s Sick, by Tom Leveen, another zombie YA novel, this time set in a high school, cool, huh?  So maybe I sort of do like Zombies. Or at least the Zombie genre.

Last summer I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic writing conference. The opening address was delivered by the author who just might hold the title as King of the Zombie Writers, none other than Jonathan Maberry.  He is a phenomenal speaker, and a prolific writer. His work is on my “to read” list, but frankly I’m a little scared of his books, even the covers are terrifying.

The good news is, he is not one dimensional. His facebook feed is full of happy, uplifting messages, and I enjoy following him.

Today, especially, I was in for a treat. This morning he shared this wonderful video, and it made my day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. With thanks to Jonathan Maberry and the talented artists who created this film. Enjoy Steadfast Stanley.


Another Award!

dragons-loyalty-awardI am tickled to announce that I’ve been awarded the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by D. Parker over at yadadarcyyada . This blog’s tag line alone should be enough to get you over there reading, “vague meanderings of the broke and obscure.”

The philosophy of the award is: “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly”.

There are some rules that one must follow in order to fully accept the award and they are as follows:

1. Firstly, display the Award on your site (see Award page or sidebar!) You earned it and you deserve it!

2. Link back to the person who gave you the award in your acceptance post;

3. Nominate 15 well-deserving bloggers for the Award and let them know the wonderful news by sending them a message on their site;

4. List 7 interesting facts about yourself

Hmmm, not sure how interesting these are, but here goes: 1. I used to be called “Imelda Marcos” in college because of a slight shoe obsession   2. I first went to overnight camp when I was seven. I stayed eight weeks and loved it.   3. I am allergic to sulfa drugs.   4. I can’t carry a tune. This makes me sad.   5. I feel guilty about all the unfinished quilts and other projects I’ve started.   6. I drive a car that has 123,000 miles on it. I plan to drive it forever.   7. Buying my own house was probably the bravest thing I’ve ever done.

***BulgingButtons Disclaimer***

I know that not everyone accepts awards. If I’ve linked to you and you don’t want it, please don’t be annoyed with me, just take it as a sign of appreciation for what you do. You do not have to accept this or any other award. It is a compliment, not a curse!

Check out these 15 bloggers who regularly stop by and offer their insights and encouragement. I appreciate you all!