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Daily Passion Prompt 32: An Hour of Google

If you had a free hour on the internet to research any topic, what would it be?

daniel-s-tigerWhere was the internet when I had to know Daniel Tiger’s name oh so many years ago? I ended up calling the local PBS station and had their crack research assistant check the vault for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood episodes featuring the lovable little guy. It took some doing, and a willing person in the know, but eventually I found out. Fast forward to today,  I just checked on Google and had the answer in seconds, with pictures. But I digress.

On the free hours I have (or half hours, or even smaller increments of time), I do a lot of poking around on the internet, generally assisted by Mr. Google. My interests are many and I research all sorts of random topics, from the correct way to make a Mojito (to crush or to tear the mint, to mix at the end or not?) to the lyrics of the theme from the Banana Splits Show. Obviously some of these topics are more important than others, and some take more time and effort than others.

The internet is wonderful for scratching whatever itch of curiosity you may be feeling. Got a question? Google it. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s generally painless. Knowledge is power, and with the internet and an effective search engine, we sometimes feel like Thor with his magic hammer. Who knows what topic will strike me next. It may be a serious one, such as how to teach elements of theme in literature to fourth graders, or it may be that I develop an interest in the history of egg beaters. Whatever it is, I’m sure the internet is full of information about it. I’m so lucky to live in this age, even if we’ve left Daniel Tiger and the Banana Splits behind.