Not bad for a fat girl


The Price of my Starbucks Addiction

StarbucksI was so excited this morning, because it was my first real day of summer vacation. Yes, I had the long weekend, but I spent one of those days miserable (darn stomach bug) and didn’t really do much the rest of the weekend (except see Pitch Perfect 2 for the second time, omg, I love that movie). Then yesterday I spent the day with my wonderful team, planning for instruction. Not exactly summer vacation mode.

Today, though, was different. Today the day was mine. Yes, there were some things I wanted to do, but I didn’t have anywhere I had to be or anything I had to do. What a wonderful feeling.

Naturally I was up early, because I’m in the habit. That will change soon, though, as I stay up later and later.

I was sorting through the wonderful end of year gifts from my students, and decided that I would download the Starbucks app to consolidate my gift cards. I congratulated myself for figuring out how to do it, then got to thinking about how nice it was to have a bank of free Starbucks treats waiting for me.

I know, this has been an ongoing issue for me. I go cold turkey, then I go back. I’ve done it several times now. Why? Empty calories and lots of money, but oh so yummy.

How much could it add up to? Well, I recently went through my bank statement to figure that out. In a thirty day period I spent exactly $123.45 at Starbucks. That works out to nearly $1500. a year. We could take a vacation for that!

I’m back to thinking that I need to stay away from Starbucks, but my phone is always with me, so if I do find myself there, at least I have credit, thanks to my wonderful students and their parents.