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Throwback Thursday – Comics

This weekend my city is hosting Comicon. For those who are unfamiliar with these events, it’s a convention built around comics. That’s the simplistic description, but really, it’s so much more. It’s a huge event with workshops, movies, parties, costumes, vendors, and more. 025Pikachu_SSB4I wouldn’t have thought it would be something I would ever attend, but I am, for the second time.

Last year my sweetheart discovered that there are many authors that attend these cons, and they give workshops and participate in discussion panels. The cost is way less than traditional writer’s workshops, and the atmosphere is incredible. Where else can you see Dr. Who rubbing shoulders with zombies, Han Solo, Pikachu, and Ninja Turtles?

I was never all that into comics as a kid. I did like the read the Sunday funnies, since they were printed in color. I always read Blondie, because it was the first one. I liked Garfield and Peanuts too, and the one panel comics, like Family Circus, Marmaduke, and Ziggy. Still, I rarely used my dime to buy a comic book at the store; I always preferred candy.

One summer, though, I got sick at sleep away camp. It was way up in the woods in Canada, and I think my parents may have been on a trip, but I don’t recall the exact details. I do remember that I was in the infirmary for a couple of days, and it was terribly boring. Richie-Rich-Cartoon-PhotosThe only way to pass the time was with the stack of comic books that they had.

During that infirmary stay I came to appreciate the struggles of poor little Richie Rich. I also looked forward to my teenage years when I would hang out with the gang, just like Archie. Sarge and Beetle Bailey amused me without exposing me to the real struggles of Army life, and Prince Valiant, well, he was just boring aside from his funny haircut.

There were no superheroes that I recall. I would have read Batman or Superman or Spiderman, but they hadn’t made it to that little camp infirmary in the woods of Northern Ontario. I’m still not much of a comic reader, but I do get nostalgic thinking about those long ago comic books helping me pass the time.

Are you a comic reader? Were you as a child? What are your favorites?


Daily Prompt: The Perfect Game

I’ve always enjoyed playing games. Let me clarify that statement a bit. Trivial-pursuit-originalI’ve always enjoyed playing board games. I also like word games and guessing games and many other types of games, but some games I definitely do not enjoy.

I do not enjoy the kinds of games that people play with each other’s emotions. I do not enjoy the types of games that are often referred to as office politics. Forget those games. I appreciate clear and honest communication. Games should be left for recreational purposes only.

As a child, I played lots of games outdoors in the neighborhood. We were always running around, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Some of the games were “real” like Spud and kickball, while others were the product of our collaborative imaginations. Bean soccer was one such made up game. I don’t recall the rules, but if memory serves me, there were many. We didn’t have an obese generation, because we were all outside playing, as long as the weather would permit.

Where I grew up we often had bad weather. Since my generation did not have computers, video games, or more than three television stations (none of them with non-stop children’s programming), we had to figure out other things to do. gameoflife-1313903099I loved to read, draw, and make things, like legos or crafts. I also loved board games. I remember playing Careers and Life as a little girl, thinking about what my future would hold.

I never lost that love, and was thrilled when, as a young twenty-something, I worked with a group of people who would regularly hold a game night. We would bring our favorite games, break up into groups, and play. My favorite game of that era was Trivial Pursuit, hands down. My brain has always been crammed full of useless trivia, and this was my opportunity to let some of it out! Of course there were snacks and beverages, and lots of laughter. I remember those game nights fondly.

As a middle aged quilter, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on several quilting retreats with some remarkable people. Our group also had quite a few women who loved games, and we would bring some along. We would take periodic breaks from sewing to organize a game. Balderdash was a particular favorite with this group. The laughter and chance to let down our hair was priceless.

As a young mother I engaged my son in board games. They were wonderful for learning to take turns, count, and make decisions.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They also helped him to develop his attention span, and learn to handle both winning and losing with grace. Most board games are more fun with three players, so his father was frequently recruited as well. We spent many happy times playing Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Over time those games were replaced by Sorry and Clue, then Risk and Monopoly. When he was very small someone gave us a Pokemon Master Trainer game. We held on to it until he was old enough (I think the box said seven but I’m pretty sure he got it when he was four or five). It was probably his favorite board game. He loved Pokemon, and this game delighted him. After all these years I’m pretty sure we still have it somewhere.

I still enjoy the opportunity to take time away from real life and totally connect with others by playing a game. We are all focused on the same thing, there is no technology pulling our attention away from one another, and we put our other concerns on hold for a short while. I think I will always enjoy playing board games. Oh, and if we’re playing Trivial Pursuit, look out, I’m still pretty good.

You’re set to play poker (or Scrabble or something else . . .) with a group of four. Write a story set during this game. Or, describe the ideal match: the players, the relationships — and the hidden rivalries.

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