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Throwback Thursday – Tech Toys

apple_mac128I know it’s late, and it may not even be Thursday anymore where you are, but I had to get this off my chest. I miss the old days of technology. There. I said it. Maybe it’s only because my expectations were so much lower then, and maybe it’s because I’m currently having fits because my phone and my computer don’t want to play nicely together (and I HAVE to get those pictures off the phone!), but it seems like tech wasn’t as overwhelming back in the day.

Here are a few tech blasts from the past that you may remember (if you’re as old as I am).

1. The old daisy wheel printer. Remember carefully tearing the sides off the paper before you handed in your assignments?

2. The first little Macs. Oh my, were those groundbreaking. I remember a friend had one in college, and it was totally radical. I mean, it had like six fonts and everything!dysentery

3. Printing out pictures with computer characters. My brother had a young lady pinned to his wall that was created entirely out of keyboard characters. Geek.

4. Flip phones. I loved mine. I kind of miss it, even if it wasn’t smart.

5. The original Oregon Trail game for the old Apple computers that seemed to be in almost elementary school in the country. A whole generation of kids wound their way westward and tried to survive the digital versions of  hardships the pioneers faced.

What do you miss? Dad’s Betamax? Your Tamagotchi? How about the old 8 track player in your brother’s van? I’d love to hear some of your memories from years gone by. Pong anyone?