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The Beverage Industry Has Stolen My Idea

When my son was little this time of year brought about a special drink. We called it Christmas Punch, and we looked forward to it every year. The first time we would have it would be Thanksgiving, then it would show up again throughout the holiday season, all the way to New Year’s Day.cranberry sprite

We even would sometimes have it on airplanes. He would order one part and I would order the other, then I would mix it up for us. What a treat!

What is Christmas Punch? It’s just 7-Up and cranberry juice, in about equal parts.

It’s delicious, and it’s a beautiful deep pink color, just right for the festive time of year.

Well, apparently word got out, and the beverage industry now offers it pre-mixed and bottled. A couple of different versions are available. I broke down and bought a bottle today, just to try it. I brought it home, and my son tried it too. We’re in agreement, “homemade” Christmas punch is better. Maybe because we missed the pink, I don’t know. I just think that ours tastes better. Let me know if you try it.