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Daily Passion Prompt 19: Looking Back on My Life

Today’s Question

 Imagine that you’re 80 years old, sitting in your rocking chair reflecting back on your life.  

What do you want to look back on?  What memories do you want to smile about?

Rocking_ChairsLucky me, I already have so much to smile about as I look back on my life. I have loving relationships, new challenges, rewarding work, and all sorts of amazing memories. You know all those cute sayings that people pin on Pinterest and buy on canvasses at their local craft stores? Of course you do. The ones about home and family and living and loving and laughing? The ones about memories and faith and commitment and joy and friendship? Well, I don’t need those. Why? Because I have that stuff in my life and in my memory banks. I don’t need to see it plastered on the wall, and in fact I’m pretty sure that the people who have those all over the place will be tired of them in a year or two and replace them with cows or giraffes or bunnies, or whatever else is hot in home decor that season.

I love and am loved. I live within my means. I have traveled. I have tried new things. I have hopes and dreams and aspirations. I’m reasonably well educated and relatively well rounded. I’m generally well liked and fairly well respected in my personal and professional lives. I’m good.

By the time I’m in my rocking chair, I hope to have many more good memories, far fewer unpleasant ones, and a legacy of love to look back upon. That should put a smile on anyone’s lips.