Not bad for a fat girl


Santa Makes Me Feel Like a Slacker

Next to me, my fiance’s computer set up so that we can keep tabs on Santa as he makes his journey around the world. A short while ago he was in Zimbabwe, now he’s in Serbia headed for Hungary. Santa has a job to do and he gets it done. In spades. Maybe his list is what helps him.

I have a list too. It’s about a mile long and filled with things I ought to be doing. I have company coming tomorrow. I have a trip planned (more about that in the future). There is cleaning and cooking and wrapping and packing to be done. Yet for some reason I can’t quite make myself do it. I’m overwhelmed. I want to shut down. I want to sit on the couch with a steamy mug of cocoa and watch White Christmas. Under a blanket. With my dog. And my sweetheart. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

The ought to do list is too much. I have to simplify. I need to be kind to myself. My family will be fine if I do, or they won’t. The happy people won’t care, and the grumpy people will find fault regardless, so I might as well calm down about it.

Here are the must do’s:

1. Pack

2. Set up the guest room

3. Clear off the kitchen table

4. Wrap gifts

5. Finish cleaning the main bathroom (i.e. son’s bathroom- ew)

Here are the should do’s:

1. Bake

2. Wash the floor

3. Fold and put away laundry

4. Set the table from tomorrow

5. Work on schoolwork (always schoolwork)


You already know the want to do’s, but there are more:

1. Nap

2. Play Candy Crush Saga

3. Read

4. Sip cocoa

5. Watch Christmas movies, on the couch, under a blanket, with my dog, and my sweetheart

Maybe I can find some balance? Do a must do, followed by a want to do, followed by another must do, then an ought to do? Mind boggling. Here goes, I have to do something, those lists aren’t going to take care of themselves, and I don’t have an army of elves to help. Ho ho ho, away, I go.