Not bad for a fat girl


Throwback Thursday – Toys I Wish I Had

I wasn’t a deprived child, but there were plenty of toys that I envied growing up. My parents were more of the books, crafts, and random objects kind of gift givers. I don’t believe either of them ever set foot in a Toys-R-Us store. Ever.

1. Light Brite. Pictures made of light? Who wouldn’t want to spend hours putting those tiny plastic pegs in those tiny holes?

2. Dapper Dan Doll. I just loved all the fasteners he had on his outfit. Very 70’s chic.

3. Easy Bake Oven. I don’t think this one needs an explanation.

4. Skateboard. Sure I’m uncoordinated. Sure the kid down the street broke her wrist falling off one. But they were SO cool! And yes, I’m talking about the plastic kind.

5. Big Wheel. I had the traditional tricycle, which was awesome in its own way, but not quite the same as the big wheel.

6. Sit-n-spin. This thing was too much fun. Good thing my friends had one or I would have really missed out on childhood.

7. Creepy Crawlers. My brother had this, and it was uber cool. Of course he never let me touch it, so I had faux bug envy.

8. Etch A Sketch. I always played with the one at the dentist’s office.

9. Mr. Potato Head. I bought myself one of these as an adult.