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Bathroom Beautiful

It’s done!unnamed


I have a lovely new bathroom and I’m so pleased. Is it perfect? No. Is it infinitely nicer than it was? Absolutely.

I need to stop seeing the tiny little flaws and focus on the overall success of the project.

Why does human nature do that do us? Ninety-nine things go right and we fixate on the one that doesn’t. Ninety-nine wins, and one loss. Ninety-nine compliments. and one complaint. Ninety-nine hits. and one miss. Ninety-nine receptions, and one turnover. Ninety-nine on time departures, and one delay. You get the idea.

Sometimes even one miss is too many, but most of the time failure isn’t terminal. And who defines failure, anyway? Most of the time there’s no clear line between success and failure. Shades of grey abound in the world, but we often fail to notice them. Small victories, small steps in the right directions… these are valuable even if they aren’t earth-shaking.

My bathroom remodel has accomplished several goals, first of which was providing a usable shower space. That goal has been stunningly accomplished. I also have a beautiful new bathtub, with a sweet little chandelier above it. I’ve always dreamed of having that.

I’m happy with the project. I’m happy that I live a life where events like a bathroom remodel are considered an inconvenience. I’m reminded that there are people who don’t have plumbing or clean water. I’m so fortunate, and standing under the warm gentle spray of the shower head reminds me of that every morning.


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Busted Bathroom or Now We Start to Remodel

Our house was built in 1986. Our bathroom was constructed and finished in 1986. Needless to say, it had its day. That day has passed.

One morning I heard a crash from the bathroom and walked in to find several tiles had flung themselves off the wall to meet their fate on the old stained shower pan below. Several of their compatriots were clearly considering joining them, so we helped them along. As we did we discovered that there was no longer anything for them to cling to. The wall beneath them had disintegrated from years of water damage. Who knew?

Now when we bought the house we knew that eventually both bathrooms would need renovations, but we thought they were going to be purely cosmetic, and that we had more time. We always think we have more time, don’t we?

Needless to say, the shower is currently unusable, and we’re sharing the hall bathroom with my son who is home from college for the summer. Oh joy.

Well, since I’m the one who’s currently off work, it’s my job to find someone to fix this problem, but here’s the thing, if we fix this the way we want to, then we also need to do something about the tub, because I refuse to put a beautiful new shower next to a molded acrylic fudge ripple bathtub. And when we address the tub issue, we’ll need new flooring. Do you see what’s happening?

I can’t keep the nasty old oak cabinets when the rest of the bathroom will be beautiful and new, so out they go, which means a new vanity along with a counter top and sinks. Oh, and the giant mirror? Well part of it has lost its finish, and honestly the look of two separate smaller mirrors appeals to me. But then we need different wall lighting, because one light in the middle just doesn’t make sense. Oh, and the overhead light? Well, it’s got to go, as well as the brass-trimmed closet door. And don’t forget the medicine cabinet – having it stick out from the wall might have seemed like a good idea in 1986, but nowadays we know better.

So, all that being said I’ve had a couple of contractors out to look at the job, and now we have to pick one. And then we have to pick everything else. It would be a lot easier if it was just for me, but I do want to take my sweetheart’s preferences into consideration, too. Unfortunately our taste doesn’t exactly match.

Wandering around the tile warehouse (O.M.G.) I asked him to point out his preferences to me. He likes nature inspired colors and textures. To me they just read dark, at least for a bathroom. I prefer light and bright, with maybe some tan and turquoise mixed in. I’m sure there’s a middle ground for us, but I’m not sure what it might be yet.

Oh, and then there’s the cost. It’s not cheap, but I only want to do this once, so we’ll bite the bullet and do it. Besides, we’re not planning to move, at least not for a couple more decades. At least our home has built up some equity in the years we’ve been here, so that helps a lot.

Now I’m off to figure out exactly what these bids mean, and search for some more ideas on Pinterest, because I’m not nearly overwhelmed enough (okay, maybe I am). Wish me luck as this thing gets underway.



So much nastiness lurking behind those innocent white tiles.



The shower is adjacent to the tub, so we have to address both. 



The photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but this bathtub reminds me of fudge ripple ice cream.


Daily Prompt: Luxurious

home_img1_luxury_valueAh, the life of luxury. I wonder what THAT would be like? How many times has a thought like that crossed your mind? It’s not something I dwell on, but if I’m totally honest I have to admit that I’ve wondered it myself from time to time. A fancy house, fine dining, first class travel around the globe; it all sounds very glamorous. But then I stop and think about it, and realize that I really don’t covet those things. They sound great, but I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on anything by not having those luxuries.

Today’s WordPress daily prompt asks what one luxury I can’t live without.  I thought about some of the luxuries I enjoy that I would miss terribly, but I would adapt, I’m sure. I love having access to the internet, but I suppose I could give up my connection. Fine chocolate is another luxury I enjoy, but if it was gone I’m sure I would find some other sweet to take its place. Likewise with  my beloved Diet Coke. In fact it would be best for me to give up those particular luxuries in favor of fresh fruit and water, but I digress.

4883.prd.s.020For me, the luxury that I would miss most is modern indoor plumbing. Yes, I’m serious. I would miss having hot water come out of the tap for washing dishes and warm for my shower. I would miss the ability to shower whenever I wanted to and to wash clothing inside my own home. Brushing my teeth would be a challenge, and the toilet? Well, I would miss that the most.

I’ve been camping. The real kind of camping where you get in a canoe in the Canadian wilderness with ten other little girls and a couple of hunky teenage counselors. The kind where you hike and cook over a campfire and swim in the freezing cold lake. With that type of camping, there are no air mattresses, no coolers, and certainly no toilets. Ew. Let’s just say I haven’t been camping in a very very long time.

Fast forward to modern times. Two and a half years ago I moved into my house. The master bathroom has a small room just for the toilet. For Christmas my sweetheart purchased and installed a brand new throne. It’s amazing. It has a dual flush, luxury height, and a non-stain finish in the bowl. The seat and lid don’t slam, and it never fails. It even has an impressive name, The Cadet Three. Some people may think it was an odd gift, but to me it is the epitome of luxury, and I would hate to be without it.