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Let Me Explain

I know that my last post, the photo collage about sleep, isn’t what you’ve come to expect from BulgingButtons. It isn’t what I expect from myself, either, but I did it for three reasons. First, I’ve really admired some of the photo collages I’ve seen on other blogs. I knew there was a function provided by WordPress to create those collages, so I decided to tinker with it and see if I could make it happen. I did, in a very elementary way. Yay me.

I would like to learn how to manipulate the images more until I’m satisfied with their placement and their relative sizes, but for today this was enough. I would also like to spend more time integrating text into the post, in order to explain my thought process and vision (in case it’s not completely apparent). Those are goals for another time and another day, though.

The second reason I actually posted that little collage was as a bit of a reminder to myself that I need to be careful about burning the candle at both ends. I am someone who needs sleep. I become crabby and difficult to be with if I go too many nights without adequate rest. depositphotos_12716579-Splattered-TomatoI also become worn down and susceptible to any passing germs that might be in my environment. I teach elementary school kids. There are lots of germs in my environment. I really don’t want to become a walking germ magnet. Early to bed and early to rise and all that nonsense. Except that I like to stay up late, which makes getting up early a real drag.

Finally, I hit the “publish” button because I was a little afraid that I might not find time later in the day to blog. These November challenges have taken over my being, and I MUST complete them! It turns out that I was able to steal a few minutes here, between teaching an after-school group and attending my son’s sports banquet, to clarify my earlier post. I hope you’re at least the tiniest bit sympathetic and can forgive what is clearly an amateurish attempt at what could be a great photo essay topic. Or at least a good one.

Please put away the rotten tomatoes, or better yet get rid of those nasty things! Forgive me my lame attempt, and click somewhere else on the blog for something a little more satisfying.

Until tomorrow, I remain bleary in blogland.



Daily Passion Prompt 11: Losing Sleep


 When was the last time you lost sleep over an exciting idea?

My brain was buzzing, my muscles tense. I had a million thoughts swirling through my mind, and couldn’t seem to put them on hold. I knew I should hang it up and go to sleep, but I just couldn’t seem to settle down. Was I about to embark on an epic journey? Participate in an athletic competition? Face a major surgery? Nope. I was about to begin a brand new school year at a brand new (to me) school. My adrenaline was pumping.

ethereal-sleeplessEvery year it’s the same. There’s a period of time over the summer for recovery from the previous school year, then excitement begins to build. New kids’ names are memorized as they’re entered into spreadsheets and studied from a data point of view. Sheets from former teachers are also examined, and information gathered. Preliminary groupings are created, beginning of the year seating charts are developed, and room arrangements are finalized (only to change again during the first few days). Lesson plans are developed, charts and posters are created and hung, and supplies are gathered and distributed.

My head knows I’m ready, but my heart is beating out of my chest. This is the moment when fantasy hits reality. Until the students actually show up, the entire year is an unknown. It may be the best year yet, or it may be the worst. I may hit my professional pinnacle with this group, and help them learn and grow in an unprecedented way, or I may bomb. In my head I know I won’t bomb, but there’s still that tiny voice of doubt. The real excitement, though, is in the idea of the perfect year. The night before school starts is the most exciting night of the year. It is full of promise and potential, but I can’t wait for it to end so the real work can begin.