Not bad for a fat girl


South of the Border

download.jpgMy kid and his friends have gone on Spring Break south of the border. These college students have piled into a van and taken a road trip, something that millions of college students have done for generations. This time is different, though. This time it’s my kid.

He’s a good kid. Actually he’s a great kid. He has good friends, makes good decisions, and hasn’t gotten into any trouble in his life. Okay, so there was the writing on the table in first grade incident, but that was a long time ago, and he insists he was erasing what the other kid wrote. I kind of believe him. He works hard, studies hard, and keeps his nose clean. His friends, from what I can gather, are similar.

Last year these boys took a road trip to California for Spring Break. They camped in Malibu. I didn’t even know you could do that, but you can, and they did. This year they decided to go international, with a trip to Mexico. It didn’t take long to get there, they left this morning and he already checked in. Of course we went online to see the place where they’re staying. It looks nice. Steps from the beach.

I’m glad he has friends. I’m glad they’re going on adventures. I’m glad he’s in a lovely place. But, truth be told, I’ll be even more glad when he returns.


Under the Wire, Again

I have had the most wonderful week off. I’m lucky to live in a place where other people travel for spring break.  We had gorgeous weather all week, and I got a lot of chores done. It was a good week.

2013-02-19-back-to-workNow it’s Sunday evening, and I’m procrastinating again. I have work to do and yet, here I am blogging instead. Why? I don’t know. I was going to get it all done at the beginning of break, but that didn’t happen. Now not only do I have work to do, but I have to remember my train of thought before I begin. Who knows what I was thinking a week ago? Certainly not me!

What will get me going? A timer? A reward? A swift kick in the rear? Nope, none of those. The only thing getting me moving is the knowledge that there are people relying on me. They did their parts (they always do) and now I need to do mine.

I guess vacation is over. It makes me a little sad, but I do look forward to seeing my little urchins tomorrow. Fourth quarter, here we come.