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Press Publish – A Conference for Bloggers

The Heard Museum

The Heard Museum

I feel like I’m part of the “in” crowd. This is a rare feeling for me, so I’m planning to savor it.

“Why do you feel like you’re part of the ‘in’ crowd?” you may ask.

Well, because I was one of the cool kids who got to go to Press Publish last weekend.

“And what’s that?” you wonder.

Only the best little WordPress blogging conference around. Seriously, it was really good. The WordPress genies (I guess they actually work for Automattic… I’m not sure) were everywhere, and they made sure that everything was taken care of.

The venue was beautiful, Phoenix’s own Heard Museum, which is worth a visit even if there isn’t an awesome blogging convention happening there, and the day was perfect for the gourmet outdoor luncheon that was served. You know me, I’m ALL about the food! And man, was it good! From the breakfast spread (they made it sound like there would be a few dried up muffins, but it was so much better than that, even the weird sounding but delicious vegan peanut butter protein squares) to the incredible flour-less chocolate cake with a fine dusting of chili powder served for dessert… YUM. Continue reading