Not bad for a fat girl


Yay, Me!

imagesI’ve just come from a check up and I’m doing the happy dance. Ok, so maybe my labs aren’t perfect. I already knew that. But they are improving in most areas, and my doctor is very pleased with my progress. Hooray! That means way more than the number on the scale. It means the quality of my life.

He also noticed that my thyroid isn’t functioning quite the way it should be, and prescribed some medication that should make losing the weight a bit easier, and give me more energy. Yes, please. This isn’t some garbage that some fly by night company is pushing on infomercials, it’s actual FDA approved medication prescribed by an actual medical doctor familiar with me and my actual body. I know there are many people who are doubters about medication, but I don’t tend to be one of them. I trust my doctor and respect his judgement. He will closely monitor me and make adjustments as needed.

I’m really on cloud nine right now, and feeling good about the positive changes I’ve been making. Honestly, though, I was afraid that the doctor would look at my labs and tell me all the things I was doing wrong. That didn’t happen. The numbers were in my favor, and he could see the results in black and white. The really weird thing is, now I’m looking forward to my next appointment and the positive changes that will be evident by then.