Not bad for a fat girl


One Thousand Minus Three

Obsessive much? I HAVE to pack. I HAVE to move out. I HAVE to go to work. Oh, and did I mention that the movers are coming on Saturday? I did? Sorry.

I don’t have to blog or check blogging stats or even think about how many people ever read my posts, but I do. A lot. And I have for the past year (well, as of tomorrow), which is kind of a new world record of stick-to-it-ness for me (unless you count all the unproductive things that I stayed with well past their useful lifespans).cupcake-bake-off1-600x418

So, drumroll please, BulgingButtons is up to 997 followers. The big question is, can we get three more recruits by the end of today, so that we’ll start our second year with 1,000 loyal readers? Yeah, I know they aren’t all loyal readers, but play along, won’t you?

Get your cousin Ed over here and your Aunt Vera and the ladies in your book club and your biker friends and everybody you know on Facebook. Let’s make it a regular BulgingButtons virtual party, complete with virtual cupcakes and virtual shots. After all, I’ve got nothing else going on tomorrow… do you?