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Three Month Challenge Check In


ReportCardRoughly three months ago I had my 47th birthday and decided to give myself some challenges for my 47th year. Some of them are coming along quite nicely, and others have yet to begin. Here’s a quick overview of how things are going for two reasons. First of all, there’s accountability. If I announce what I’m doing (or not doing) I’m more likely to progress toward my goals. Secondly, I want to give myself a push in the right direction. I have to revisit the goals to get them fresh in my mind again. Hopefully this won’t sting too much. I’ve included several links to posts that address particular goals, so feel free to poke around and read some.

1.  Get at least one piece of writing published, in print, not via internet- not yet, but I am published in an online magazine, so it’s a start

2. Commit to eating home cooked meals at least four times a week (eMeals is helping with this one, check them out!)– sometimes yes, often no

3. Leave the house in plenty of time to not rush every morning– this one has been going really great

4. Read 47 booksI’m only at nine (not including books I read to my students), but I’m off this week, so that number should go up! Check the facebook page for my reads.

5. Start a writing group – yes, but not the way I originally thought. I’m doing a writing group with kids. I also belong to a group, so starting a new one right now doesn’t seem to make sense.

6. Reconnect with old friends – I’m attending my college reunion next week, and there’s already talk a a high school reunion for next year. That conversation has gotten me back in touch with some friends from long ago.

7. Take my meds everyday until I no longer need them– Check! I finally figured out a method that works for me and never miss them now.

8. Use the treadmill at least once a week (hey, you have to start somewhere!)– honestly, no. More than before, but still not once a week.

9. Try Zumba (even though I have two left feet)– not yet

10. Finish the charity quilt on my sewing table- mortified to admit, but also not yet

11. Finish one UFO (unfinished object) per month (this would mostly be quilts) – uh, no

12. Eat more fruityes! I more or less like fruit now and have some almost every day.

13. Eat more vegetables – doing ok on this one, could do much better

14. Drink less soda-I was but now I’m not. Time to refocus on this one.

15. Teach my son to drive (eeeeeeek!)- not yet

16. Take the dog to the dog park at least once a week – not yet ( it’s been too flipping HOT)

17. Finish the office to make it a nice place to work (clear out clutter and organize) – and again, not yet (I’m seeing a pattern, gulp)

18. Donate unused items (just dropped off a bunch of items today but there’s more to get rid of) this is ongoing but we could use another round

19. Leave work at a reasonable hour each day – most of the time I do

20. Limit pinterest addiction (it’s embarrassing, really) – I rarely go on Pinterest unless I’m looking for something specific. I don’t surf it though.

21. Keep on blogging! At least once a week share thoughts, ideas, challenges, triumphs, etc through this forum – YES!

22. Learn how to be a better blogger (and a more widely read blogger) – learning slowly but surely

23. Learn to box, really, I want pink boxing gloves and something to hit – I’ve started

24. Try to improve sleep habits – working on this one

25.  Save up for a really cool family vacation -working on this one

26. Try to listen to my teenager better instead of just talking at him – this one is so so so hard

27. Talk to mom more – a couple of times a week

28. Discover more of my state (there are tons of hidden treasures I’ve never seen -not yet

29. Take more photos on my actual camera instead of my phone – working on this one

30. Learn some new aspects of the job I’ve been doing for a long time – working on this one too

31. Figure out some additional ways to get income into the household – I have two additional income opportunities I didn’t have three months ago, and the possibility of a third one

32. Take better care of my car (it has over 100,000 miles and it has to last!) I did make it wait a while for its last oil change…

33. Fit better in my clothesYES

34. Lighten up mentally! – YES

35. Surprise my sweetheart with a weekend away – not yet

36. Girls only day trip- probably in November

37. Climb that stupid mountain- haven’t even tried yet

38. Read magazines, then recycle (so hard to part with some of them, and no, I’m NOT a hoarder)- zero progress on this one (maybe I do have a few hoarder tendencies)

39. Push my limits in all ways –I could do better

40. Don’t forget to be kind, to myself and others – most of the time, yes

41. Look good in THOSE jeans again – not yet

42. Give myself a reason to replace my sneakers at this time next year – I better put some more miles on them

43. Sing even if I’m not great at it – yes, but mainly when nobody but the dog is around

44. Do more with less – doing pretty well with this

45. Get things done right away when possible- I suck at this, but I have been paying bills early

46. Have fun – I do

47. Enjoy life – ditto

Well, clearly I have some work to do, but on the flip side I’ve made a lot of positive strides in the past three months. I’m not disappointed by what I’ve learned through this little exercise. I know that these are achievable goals, and given a positive attitude and determination, I’m sure the next check in will show even more progress toward completing them.

Author: BulgingButtons

I'm a middle aged woman doing the things that middle aged women do and trying not to beat myself up. I'm living the life I choose with the man I love, the grown up son who impresses me all the time, and the most adorable pup ever rescued from the euthanasia list. We live in the heat of the Southwest, where I regularly sweat through my Lane Bryant bras.

8 thoughts on “Three Month Challenge Check In

  1. List of 47 was bit long. I could not stick to my list of 10 and I had my 47th Birthday nearly 6 months back …. anyway Best of Luck

  2. I had the same thought as “crooked”; what a long list!!!
    I got some good advice many years ago from my first boss; he told me to start every day with a “to do” list, but to always include at least two things that would automatically get done (like, “drink coffee”). And to always limit myself to ten items. That way, every day at least two or three items were crossed off. The next day I would rewrite the list.
    Still using this system 30 years later!
    Its great to have goals, but you have to make sure you can meet them! Good luck, you are doing so much already!

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